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Career Questions tagged Creative Writing

Bryant A.’s Avatar
Bryant A. Feb 18, 2015 883 views

What Kind Of Connections Does One Need To Get A Job In Creative Writing?

I Am A Junior In Highschool And I'm Very Interested In Creative Writing. I Have Heard Of Numerous People Who Are Also Interested In That Field But It Came To My Attention That People With The Best Connections Are More Likely To Get A Job And A Living With Their Writing. job journalism...

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Kamilah S.’s Avatar
Kamilah S. Sep 02, 2015 1075 views

What are some great colleges for Journalism in northen California

Hi! I'm a senior interested in journalism and communications and I'm getting ready to apply for colleges. I was wondering what colleges in California were great for a journalism major. I was considering USC, however, I want to know more about colleges in northern California. Thanks! college...

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Ady G.’s Avatar
Ady G. Jun 23, 2015 762 views

what is the creative-writing program at New York University like?

I'm a junior at Galileo high school and I want to join the creative-writing program because I like to write and major in it. creative-writing...


Chris G.’s Avatar
Chris G. Apr 09, 2014 980 views

what would be the easiest way to have your work published

I often write short stories and I would love to have one actually published. Does anyone know how I can get this to happen? creative-writing...


Walner D.’s Avatar
Walner D. Apr 07, 2014 1261 views

How much does someone with a creative writing major make right out of college?

Hello, I am a junior in high school and I've been putting a lot of thought into what I want to major in in college. Since a child, I've always put priority into a career I am interested in rather than the amount of money I make; however, I've realized that I should also place money as an...


Gregory B.’s Avatar
Gregory B. Mar 28, 2014 1250 views

Creative Writing Day In the Life

How is the day of the life as a writer? Is it hard to get jobs to do. I have already started writing books but they are not completed yet, so is that a good start? english...


Gregory B.’s Avatar
Gregory B. Mar 28, 2014 1307 views

Grad School

How much will grad school cost? psychology philosophy...