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what are the top colleges for forensic science?

i watch a lot of tv and my favorite show is criminal minds. Watching the show made me interested in studying Forensic Science. #college #criminal-justice...



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Posted by Ariana .’s Avatar Ariana .
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SarahMiller Hi Ariana--I think I've answered this question before. Check out the ...

What are the best colleges to study forensic science?

I am almost at the stage of applying for colleges. I have my college list, but i know there are so many colleges out there i just dont know where to apply. i live in New York and i dont want to go to far. where should i look? #science #criminal-justice #forensic...



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Posted by Alize-Jazel S.’s Avatar Alize-Jazel S.
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SarahMiller Interest and skill in math and science is very important to ...

What do I need to do to get started on criminal profiling?

I've seen several television shows that incorporate criminal profiling and I realize that some of these shows may exaggerate the process that is taken to incriminate someone. One show that I watch is Criminal Minds, and this show has really sparked my interest. Even though this show may stretch...

#law-enforcement #law #police #crime #criminal-justice #lawyers #criminal


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Posted by Nshirley .’s Avatar Nshirley .
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SarahMiller Criminal profiling roughly speaking is conducting research and in order to ...

What are the different careers that a crime investigator would have?

Hello , My name is Danielle and I go to a school in central Harlem called Democracy Prep Charter School. I LOVE crime investigation shows , and that has made me really interested in criminal investigation and/or crime in general. I love crime and the deep thinking of solving a case, but I don't...

#crime #criminal-justice #investigation #investigator


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Posted by Sdanielle .’s Avatar Sdanielle .
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Shadi Hayden, CFE | Investigations & Security Hi Danielle! I had the same interest as you when I ...

After graduating from law school as an intellectual property or criminal justice lawyer, What is the likelihood that a job will be avaliable for me when you apply to a specific law firm?

I am a junior in New York City. I am interested in attending law school and I am curious. Being that the economy is in a crisis and unemployment has risen, I know I will be worried about finding a job immediately after graduating from Law School. #law #criminal-justice...



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Posted by Bariel .’s Avatar Bariel .
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Conor Myhrvold | Engineering, Program Management The particulars of the economy now will not affect your future ...

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