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Criminal justice is a four-year degree earned in college. Popular careers include law enforcement, lawyers, forensic nurse. Please read below for more information.

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Zakura A. Dec 08 18 views

do girls have to cut their hair when they choose the course criminal-justice?

since girls have to cut their hair short in criminology, i'm wondering if it's also the same with criminal-justice #criminal-justice...


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Paul M. Sep 19 28 views

What is my Job as a Volunteer Agent will be all about?

#volunteer I want to continue my education into Criminal Justice#Policeofficer#law enforcement...


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Isaiah B. Oct 25 33 views

How did you get there?

i am going to attend Cal Baptist University, i want to double major , studying Criminal Justice and Philosophy. I like basketball and also like history a lot because of the things that caused society to be the way it is right now. #criminal-justice...


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Zainab S. May 29 63 views

Does a Crime Scene Investigator analyse the evidence?

I'm looking at going into forensic science and I'm interested in collecting evidence at the crime scene, but I also want to analyse the evidence. I wasn't sure if there was a job/career that fit this. #forensic_science #crime_scene_investigator...