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A doctor is a person who holds a doctorate, which is a post-graduate degree obtained after receiving a four-year degree. The most commonly know career for a doctor is within...

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nethra R. Apr 27, 2016 442 views

i want to become a docotor

because I like to become docotor...


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Thrisha A. Apr 26, 2016 526 views

Other than completing degree if any thing gives us money later ? Which business can i prefer?

i can finish up my school life , but after that i like to do business, rather than continuing my studies ..then what of business can i prefer #doctor #pyschology #legal...


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Kaviya K. Apr 21, 2016 713 views

How many sections are there in the medical field?

i am govt student in 12 th at biology group.i dont know how meny sections in medical field?.plz tell me something in medical field #doctor #medicine...


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Kaviya K. Apr 22, 2016 418 views

Medical Colleges?

Hi. I am student from Govt Hr sec school. Can u help me out by giving list of Medical colleges and the best out of it. #doctor #medicine #professor #counselling...


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Kaviya K. Apr 20, 2016 447 views

Doctors cutoff?

I am doing my 12th standard(Biology Group) in Govt school. To get an Doctors seat what is the Cutoff in Tamilnadu? #doctor #professor #counseling...


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Bhavan K. Apr 20, 2016 594 views

what is antibiotics

medicine practionar #doctor...


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Ryan F. Apr 13, 2016 1428 views

Being an anesthesiologists on a daily basis

Hi, I am a sophomore in Boston and am really interested in becoming a doctor in the future. However my main interest is becoming an anesthesiologist. I would like to ask any one who is or knows the routine of an anesthesiologist, and what they do on a day to day basis, and the best and worst...

#anesthesiologist #doctor #nurse #medicine

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Ashley P. Apr 15, 2016 5144 views

What are some disadvantages of becoming a doctor? What are some specific struggles that come with being a doctor?

I am a sophomore at Boston Collegiate Charter School and since 8th grade I have been interested in the medical field and what it is all about. I want to know what it is like to be a doctor, the initial feelings of becoming a doctor, the type of environment that needs to be adjusted to, and...

#doctor #medicine #internship #experience #doctorate-degree

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Joe G. Apr 15, 2016 677 views

What is a typical day in the life of a surgeon?

I am a sophomore at Boston Collegiate Charter School and I am interested in pursing a career as a doctor. #doctor #surgeon...


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Michael A. Apr 13, 2016 580 views

what do you need to major in to become an athletic trainer

I need to know what to major in and which university has that major #doctor...


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julia C. Apr 13, 2016 557 views

How many years of college education is required to become an orthopedic doctor? Also, what courses are required to become an orthopedic doctor?

I am a sophomore in high school in Boston and I have been interested in becoming an orthopedic doctor, but I am concerned about how many years I will have to attend college. #doctor #courses...


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Lyric C. Apr 13, 2016 352 views

What kind of education do you need to be a doctor?

I'm trying to figure this out because I really want to know how long I will be in school....


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aishwarya K. Apr 13, 2016 4953 views

What is the most difficult part of being a nurse?

I am very interested in nursing job i don't know the difficult part of being a nurse. #doctor...


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Maurice T. Apr 08, 2016 465 views

What is a day like for an EMT?

I'm interested in being an EMT after high school #doctor #medicine...


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Alexander N. Mar 05, 2014 778 views

How can I create Sandow's dream world as a physician?

Dear Physicians and Health Fanatics: I am currently a high school junior with big dreams but little to no influence on society at the moment. After years of Cross Country running, amateur competitive boxing, and staying fit and healthy in general, I have come to espouse health & fitness as...

#doctor #biology #health #physician #science

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Tyler D. Mar 27, 2016 1656 views

What is it like to be a paleontologist?

I'm currently studying to become a doctor (which I love) and I'm very good and learning about anatomy, but recently I've been wondering about paleontology. What is it like to be a paleontologist? I've always been fascinated by dinosaurs. My friend told me that he job shadowed for a...

#dinosaurs #paleontologist #doctor

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maha N. Mar 26, 2016 534 views
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Alexandria G. Mar 15, 2016 708 views

in school what classes do you need to worry about if you want to become a pediatrician

I would like to go into the medical field and work with babies . #doctor #medicine #pediatrics...


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Anna M. Mar 11, 2016 759 views
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Arabeyea P. Mar 10, 2016 691 views

What classes should I take in high school to become a pediatrition?

I am asking this question because I want to prepare myself when that time comes. #doctor #nurse #physician...


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Requelinda C. Mar 09, 2016 531 views

After High School I am planning to go into the medical field, I am leaning toward becoming an EMT, What steps would I need to take to becoming a EMT?

I have been interested in the medical field ever since I have been able to read & I am just curious about what path I should take. #doctor #nurse #paramedic...


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sheila T. Mar 03, 2016 736 views

what class do i have to take to become a pediatrician?

because i want to know #doctor...


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Biak U. Mar 03, 2016 771 views
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Brittnee P. Mar 02, 2016 682 views

What is the best way to know whether to choose being an Obstetrician or a midwife?

I want to work with small babies and I know that I do not want to be a pediatrician because small children can get too feisty after a certain age. I know that I want to deliver babies and help to explain to women what is happening to their child as they are developing in the womb and deliver...

#babies #doctor

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Biak U. Feb 26, 2016 607 views

What would be a good career to be? Why?

I am 10th grader and in High School. #doctor #engineer #nurse #scientist #pharmacists...


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Shanae L. Feb 24, 2016 519 views

What are the best studies to major in for medical school?

I want to become a surgeon, however I am having trouble deciding on what I want to or should major in for school. #doctor...


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Hayley S. Jan 28, 2016 551 views

How long does a midwife have to stay in college for?

I'm interested in becoming a midwife because I think that would be the coolest job ever! #college #doctor #midwifery #baby...


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Johana R. Apr 08, 2015 747 views
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Jay D. Jan 21, 2016 753 views

Whats the best way to stay on track to become a doctor?

Because sometimes it's hard to stay focused on one thing. #doctor #medicine...


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Sofia P. Jan 12, 2016 515 views

how much do clinical psychologist get paid per year?

ever since i was really little i have wanted a career that helps people and i think i have found it so i am interested in becoming a clinical psychologist and i wanna know how much i would get paid for this career. thank you....