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Career Questions tagged Dual Credit

Morgan H.’s Avatar
Morgan H. Apr 19, 2018 327 views

If I take dual credit classes in high school, am I getting my basics done ahead of time?

I have always been told that if I take dual credit classes I’ll have enough hours to be a junior by my second semester. I was wondering if this was true or not. ctc career-and-technical-school gen-eds college dual-credit dual-enrollment course-selection...


Caleb E.’s Avatar
Caleb E. Jan 18, 2018 309 views

Which is better to be accepted into colleges outside of my state and for scholarships, Advanced Placement classes or Dual Credit courses? Are they valued the same by admissions and scholarship committees?

Through out my high school career I have chosen dual credit course or advance placement classes. The teachers were the same for both. The college credit was automatic without the burden of an assessment to determine if I should receive college credit. Also they both had the same point value so...

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