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Calvin K. May 13, 2016 584 views

Should I take a finance-related course?

I'm not planning on going into any finance-related program, but there are definitely some finance-related things I'd like to learn about to prepare for my future such as the following: how to do taxes, understanding the economy and the market, and how to invest. However, I'm not good at...

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Haylie E. May 13, 2016 3340 views

I would like to double major in Economics and Political Science and then maybe going towards a law degree, what would be the best way to set up a four year plan to be make double majoring easier or more manageable?

I would really like to go after and tackle a double major but have been put under the impression that if I don't set up a four year plan to allocate time to do so it will become very hard to double major #major #economics #political-science...


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ana J. May 13, 2016 2001 views

Is getting a major in psychology and a minor in economics a good choice if i want to work in marketing? if not what is another good minor to pair with it

I was going for the marketing major but I was one point away from the required gpa to continue it so I dont want to waste anymore time. I heard you don't really need a marketing major to work in marketing? #college #psychology #marketing #economics...


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harshitha N. May 11, 2016 751 views

when is the best time to take chartered Account exam? (its after 2nd PUC or after completion of degree)

i am studying 2nd PUC, interested in doing Chartered Account, i wanted to know when is the best time to do CA so i can finish my study fast or it is compulsory to have degree, or PUC is enough to take chartered account exam #business #accounting #mathematics #economics #accountant #statistics...


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John C. May 09, 2016 572 views

How much money does a biomedical engineer make annually?

Just curious as I start college and am studying BME #economics #biomedical-engineering...


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harshitha N. May 07, 2016 982 views

what are the additional skills required to do CA ?

i am studying 2nd PUC, i am interested in accounts, Maths & statistics so i wanted to do CA. what are the additional skills required. #business #accounting #mathematics #economics #banking #statistics #business-law...


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Alisha S. May 05, 2016 5690 views

Psychology and Computer Science?

I'm pretty sure I want to study CS at university but I also have interests in other subjects such as Psychology, Economics, and Education. Is it a good idea to double major in CS and one of these subjects? Which universities, if any, allow this combination? #computer-science #psychology...

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Anina H. Apr 28, 2016 1409 views

How can I get started investing in stocks and bonds? How can I be successful in the stock market?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at Career Village. I recently attended a short seminar on finances, and it was a few college students trying to explain the basics. However, they never actually covered how to be successful in your investments. #finance #money...

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dinesh K. Apr 20, 2016 702 views

Explain the term resource optimization?

I need the explain of resource optimization because i don't know the term....


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DION S. Mar 28, 2016 778 views

What is the difference between Microeconomics and Macroeconomics? In addition, what is the difficulty of each one?

I'm a freshmen in college. I'm interested in a second major, which is economics, but I have a basic understanding of each one, and I would like to know from others perspective and knowledge of the material. #professor...


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DION S. Mar 21, 2016 523 views

What type of major would be a great foundation to use in order to get into the business felid?

I'm a rising sophomore in college and its becoming the time to choose my major and minor is ahead, but I'm not done experimenting with other courses to figure out what I what to specialize in. One thing I'm interested in is business and making a business to I was wondering what major are a...

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Prithvi A. Mar 06, 2014 992 views

Should I only be looking for colleges with a good department in the specific major I want?

I'm currently decided on majoring in Econ or Finance and so far, I have only been looking into colleges with good Econ. departments. Is this a good strategy when looking for colleges? #college-major #finance #university #economics...


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Arturo W. Dec 10, 2015 988 views

Which is a better major to take in college to find a job in the business field: Economics, FInance, or Marketing?

I am interested in working in the business field and working with different companies. I am really good with numbers and like working with money. I want to find out which major is best because I want to be able to apply for a college that has known programs in those majors. I am currently a...

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Jibbi B. Jul 15, 2015 1079 views

Finance or Economics As a major

Hello, for undergrad I definetly want to take international relations but I would like to combine it with another major, and I was thinking economics or Finance, does anyone know the best major to partner up with that for me to get a job in an NGO or an International organization/Bank? #college...

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Julia R. Mar 24, 2015 772 views

What companies are interested in people with an economics degree and a dream to become an investment banker?

I am a high school senior who is going to be graduating this summer. I wanted to go into an economics major, but I did not know what my future would look like with that degree. I am very interested in studying a math related topic being that it is my favorite subject. A career where I would...

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Geonard W. Mar 24, 2015 942 views

Are there any limits to amount of investments a stockbroker can enter?

I know that stockbrokers main job is to invest. But, when an investment is unsuccessful how do a person get rid of that investment? Can another investment improve that previous investment? #finance #economics...


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Samantha D. Feb 12, 2015 502 views

What is the economic situation in Greece between the year of 2014 and 2015?

I am doing the Euro challenge for my school and our topic is on high unemployment rate in Greece. #economics #history #global-issues...


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Kellie A. Dec 15, 2014 865 views

What types of classes will I be taking if I want want to major in accounting?

I am a high school student and have taken accounting classes at my school and I am thinking about continuing my education after high school to major in accounting. #finance #marketing #economics...


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Bryan Q. Dec 01, 2014 899 views

What are some of the skills necessary for a career in finance?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School and, as part of our curriculum, all 11th grade students are doing a two week internship. As of now, my internship may be at State Street Corporation and so as a person not fully aware of the field of financing, what are some skills necessary to...

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R W. Oct 05, 2014 1749 views

Economics or Chemistry

I'm really confused right now. My current subjects are: Economics, Physics, Chemistry and Maths The career path i am interested in are Architecture and Finance. To get into a good architecture school. I was thinking of dropping either chemistry or economics for art and design (for AS) I don't...

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Timothy S. Apr 05, 2014 3880 views

How to enter/help develop Space Industry?

Hi, Thanks for clicking on the question link. I am not sure what to do and would like to hear some anonymous advice. Who am I? Someone who has dreamed about whats in outer space, but currently, I am a College student who will be graduating this semester with a B.S. Degree in Economics and...

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Prithvi A. Mar 13, 2014 1620 views

Is business school a good choice to attend after college?

I plan to major in Econ or Finance and hopefully work on Wall St. one day. Is it worth paying for additional education to get my MBA or is going straight into the work force a good choice? #business #finance #education #higher-education...


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Prithvi A. Mar 05, 2014 19316 views

Should I major in Finance or Economics?

I am currently a junior in High School and I am very interested in working on Wall St. when I grow up, as I have been for a long time. However, with the main majors like Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Business, choosing a major has become difficult. So far, I have narrowed the choices to...

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Prithvi A. Mar 04, 2014 7918 views

Is doing a double major for Engineering and Economics in college a good choice?

My name is Prithvi and I am a Junior in High School. For a while, I have been interested in majoring in Finance or Economics and college, but I have a lot of experience in Engineering, specifically Computer Science, so I am motivated to take a double major. Should knowledge of Computer Science...

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Prithvi A. Mar 04, 2014 1921 views

What steps do I need to take to become an Investment Banker?

My name is Prithvi and I am currently a Junior in High School. My interest in college is oriented towards Economics and Finance and after combing through many different career options, I decided that I want to pursue a job at Wall St. firm as an Investment Banker. What do I need to do in order...

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