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An Engineer involves the combination of science and math that lead to design or making something. From structural engineer to biomedical engineer, there are many associated career paths. For more...

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Milton C. May 02, 2016
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Ryan L. May 02, 2016

What college do you recommend for engineers?

I'm asking this question because I want to be an engineer. I wanna know what college is recommended for engineers. #doctor #engineer #web-development #data-engineer #technical-drawing...


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kanika M. May 02, 2016

what is mean by Civil Engineer?

Hi I am Kanika studing in 10th std I want to know about Civil Engineer?so please help me. #engineer #teaching #teacher #professional #civil-engineering...


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Asna N. Apr 29, 2016
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Amtul K. Apr 29, 2016

What job pay the most/have the best benefits?

What job pay the most/have the best benefits? #doctor #engineer #teacher #lawyer #physician #artist...


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Shaik J. Apr 29, 2016

I have no idea what I want to do once I graduate from high school. What do I do?

I have not set any goal in my life yet. Don't have any idea about my career. Could you please suggest me different career options? #doctor #engineer #teacher #lawyer #physician...


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Inderjeet K. Apr 28, 2016

Become a Software Engineer

I am in 10th class and i love to work on different-different projects related to computers. I have designed websites,blogs,YouTube channel and android apps...


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Jayashankar M. Apr 28, 2016

Qualities for a Computer Engg?

Hi. I am Jayashankar. Completed 10th Std. Going to select Computer science Group. Can u brief me what are the qualities required for a good computer Engineer. #engineer #professor #computer #student #counselling...


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Augusta I. Apr 27, 2016

What companies/occupations make it their job to find flaws?

I am asking because this is something I might like to do. I do happen to watch a lot of movies and was wondering if movies are not all lies. To be specific, are there companies that get hired to try to disable a company's security system, find flaws in a website or app, or altering access cards...

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NARESH K. Apr 27, 2016




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Gobinath P. Apr 26, 2016


Hi. I am in 10th Std. My career is to become an Automobile engg. Can u help me out with some details about the parts and tools related to it? #engineer #professor #automotive...


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Augusta I. Apr 26, 2016

How did you move on after failing your first college course?

As the semester is ending. I will have officially failed my first college course related to my major. It seems like the end of the world to me but that's because I overreact most of the time. Failing has slowed my motivation to continue with college. I just want to know how anyone who has been...

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Caitlin B. Apr 25, 2016

How do engineers come up with their designs?

I want to know what the creative process is like #engineering #engineer...


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Caitlin B. Apr 25, 2016

Why is engineering important?

I have a teacher that says its important also i want to know. #engineering #engineer...


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Caitlin B. Apr 25, 2016
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Jesse A. Apr 25, 2016

Are all engineers the same?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career....


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Jesse A. Apr 25, 2016
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Jesse A. Apr 25, 2016

So an engineer would be an applied scientist?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career....


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Jesse A. Apr 25, 2016

What does a software engineer do?

Kids are interested in learning about this career....


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Brian H. Apr 15, 2016

What would a day in the life of a military engineer look like

I am interested in the idea of becoming a military engineer, I am curious what it is like to be in that position and would want to know what life would be like in that field. #engineer...


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Lizeth R. Apr 13, 2016

what are the requires for civil engineering?

I am asking this question because I would like to become an engineer on the future, but before that I want to make sure that I know what I am doing. #engineer #professional #university...


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Hunter G. Apr 13, 2016

What does it take to become a maintenance engineer? (education, cost of training/education, personality traits, work ethic, etc.)

I am asking because i am currently in an engineering program at my high school, and i want to enter the maintenance field of engineering....


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Michelle R. Apr 13, 2016

What Type of engineering is the best to create and improve technology?

I am interested on inventing my own technology. I am a fan of technology. #engineer...


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Shravani N. Apr 12, 2016

I wanted to be a software engineer, which subject to be taken?

i wanted to work in software firm i am interested more in software development #engineer #educator #software...


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christopher C. Mar 21, 2016

what type of editing will we learn in class?

I would like to get into editing and I am curious about how the classes would be. #engineer...


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Rohan P. Mar 09, 2016

Difference between Computer engineering and Information technology in deep

Is this possible for a computer engineer to do all the stuffs that IT engineer can do ? In my mind im considering that computer engineer can do many stuffs that IT engineer can't..isn't it? Whoever is reading this post just give me a quick reply.. #engineer #computer #it...


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James R. Mar 02, 2016

Is there a way I can combine my interest in business with my interest in engineering?

Hello, my name is James and I am a senior who will be attending Dartmouth College in the fall. I am in love with math and every year do extremely well with my math class. I also love working with labs and finding new discoveries that proves many theories right or wrong. However, outside of...

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Kemar R. Mar 02, 2016

What would a day look like for a Electrical Engineer in the SIgnals and Communications field?

I've decided that I wanted to become a Electrical Engineer since 9th grade, and now that I'm a senior I found that being in the signals and communication field interests me the most. So, I was just wondering what a work day would look like for someone that mostly deals with signals and...


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Gilberto C. Mar 01, 2016

What's better an engineer or an master electrician

I'm asking this because I'd like to go into both of these but I'm not sure. #engineer...