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An Engineer involves the combination of science and math that lead to design or making something. From structural engineer to biomedical engineer, there are many associated career paths. For more...

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Jesse A. Apr 25, 2016 598 views
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So an engineer would be an applied scientist?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career....


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What does a software engineer do?

Kids are interested in learning about this career....


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What would a day in the life of a military engineer look like

I am interested in the idea of becoming a military engineer, I am curious what it is like to be in that position and would want to know what life would be like in that field. #engineer...


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what are the requires for civil engineering?

I am asking this question because I would like to become an engineer on the future, but before that I want to make sure that I know what I am doing. #engineer #professional #university...


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Hunter G. Apr 13, 2016 535 views

What does it take to become a maintenance engineer? (education, cost of training/education, personality traits, work ethic, etc.)

I am asking because i am currently in an engineering program at my high school, and i want to enter the maintenance field of engineering....


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What Type of engineering is the best to create and improve technology?

I am interested on inventing my own technology. I am a fan of technology. #engineer...


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I wanted to be a software engineer, which subject to be taken?

i wanted to work in software firm i am interested more in software development #engineer #educator #software...


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christopher C. Mar 21, 2016 399 views

what type of editing will we learn in class?

I would like to get into editing and I am curious about how the classes would be. #engineer...


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Rohan P. Mar 09, 2016 522 views

Difference between Computer engineering and Information technology in deep

Is this possible for a computer engineer to do all the stuffs that IT engineer can do ? In my mind im considering that computer engineer can do many stuffs that IT engineer can't..isn't it? Whoever is reading this post just give me a quick reply.. #engineer #computer #it...


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James R. Mar 02, 2016 710 views

Is there a way I can combine my interest in business with my interest in engineering?

Hello, my name is James and I am a senior who will be attending Dartmouth College in the fall. I am in love with math and every year do extremely well with my math class. I also love working with labs and finding new discoveries that proves many theories right or wrong. However, outside of...

#engineer #business #engineering

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What would a day look like for a Electrical Engineer in the SIgnals and Communications field?

I've decided that I wanted to become a Electrical Engineer since 9th grade, and now that I'm a senior I found that being in the signals and communication field interests me the most. So, I was just wondering what a work day would look like for someone that mostly deals with signals and...


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What's better an engineer or an master electrician

I'm asking this because I'd like to go into both of these but I'm not sure. #engineer...


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What are some things I should be study to become a Computer Science Engineer

Hello, I'm in 10th grade and want to be a Computer Science Engineer. I was wondering about the class and subjects I should be study for the future. What should I do? #science #engineer #computer #technology #education #help #learning...


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What are the first steps to choosing an engineering degree that satisfies you?

Hey, I'm a senior at AFBHS. In the summer, I took Neuroscience and Chemistry college classes in a Summer Pre-College Program and realized that I am extremely interested in science. However, I do know that I want to become an engineer in the future. Is there a way that I can combine my new...

#chemistry #neuroscience #engineer

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Biak U. Feb 26, 2016 617 views

What would be a good career to be? Why?

I am 10th grader and in High School. #doctor #engineer #nurse #scientist #pharmacists...


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Is the field of Computer engineering (or frankly any field of engineering) a fun and interesting job?

I'm asking this question just to learn the insight of an engineer and maybe the daily routine they go through. #engineering #engineer...


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What are the benefits of electrical enginering?

I am doing research on this career and I would like some extra information #engineer...


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I want to study aeronautic enginering bt i m biology student ,so can i study it ?

I m in doubt that with biology as compulsory subject and math as extra can i still have my aim come true? #engineer #professor #aerospace-engineering #giving-advice...


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What is the day to day routine of a technical engineer?

I was wondering this, because I am a junior in my high school and i also like hands-on activities where i move a lot. (if not I get easily bored.) i also like to learn everyday. I was asking how is a day in the life of a technical engineer. what exactly do you do? what are some difficulties...

#engineering #technical #engineer #learning

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Miguel S. Jan 22, 2016 960 views

How hard is to become a engeneer

i am asking this because i want to become a engeneer. I already know some of the subject or proffesion but i want to learn more to be ready for my obstacles...


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Muhit A. Jan 21, 2016 1064 views
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Riya S. Dec 25, 2015 575 views

what is the best course ?

I completed my diploma in electrical engineering after that what is the best course ? #engineer...


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What is the process that Mechanical Engineers do in order to complete a project?

I am a senior in high school who is very interested in pursuing the career of Mechanical Engineering. I love math and science, and believe that the career of Mechanical Engineering would full fill my interests. I already know which colleges would prepare me best for having a career in...

#mechanics #mechanical-engineer #engineer #physics #math #science

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Harry B. Dec 03, 2015 1165 views

What are the requirements to become an electrical engineer?

I'm really interested in becoming an electrical engineer, or an engineer of a similar field when I grow up. Are there any specific requirements to become an electrical engineer, such as colleges, classes, or other requirements? #college #engineer...


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What are highlights of being a Nanosystems Engineer?

I'm doing a presentation over what my future career is, and a slide on my project requires me to interview someone of the same profession. #career #engineer...


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Does it cost money to become a mechanical engineer?

how much money would it be to b a mechanical engineer? #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineering...


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Mackenzie H. Oct 23, 2015 758 views

Should I go to an academy in high school?

I am in 6th grade and getting ready for my future. At the high school I want to go to they have academy's. Should I go to the S.T.E.M. Academy? #science #engineer #teacher #math #civil-engineering...


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What skills do I need to be an engineer

i want to know what skills I need for engineering #engineering #engineer #skills #fun...