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What are the pros and cons of becoming an entrepreneur?

I want to know everything about this career before I fully invest into it. I love the aspect of business, but I hate working for somebody. #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #ceo...



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4 answers

Posted by Lekwan P.’s Avatar Lekwan P.
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(Cos) Ofer Inbar | Site Reliability Engineer at Google Hmm, which aspect of the business do you love? What career ...

What type of business will be skyrocketing within the next 20 years?

I am a junior in high school and I plan on having my own business, but I do not know what majors I should study in college and the type of business I should create. #business #entrepreneur #business-law...



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2 answers

Posted by Rob J.’s Avatar Rob J.
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Geoff Mamlet | President & Founder at Impact Hub Boston If you want to have your own business someday -- or ...

I would like to know how much capital is needed to start up a new game company?

My friend and I are writing a business plan, in our entrepreneurship class, over a console game company #entrepreneurship #video-games #entrepreneur #startups #start-ups...



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Posted by Luke M.’s Avatar Luke M.
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Frank Ferrao | illustrator Console Game companies can be more expensive because of the license ...

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