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Career Questions tagged Experience

Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 08, 2017 565 views

What are some good ways for high school students to gain experience?

I did not have a lot of experience outside of school and volunteering when I started at university, and my brothers are both looking as they could be in the same boat as I was. I have given them a couple of suggestions from things that I learned, however, is there anything that anyone would...

volunteering sports swimming coaching high-school experience engineering game-design

Mario M.’s Avatar
Mario M. Aug 15, 2016 487 views

What makes a General Manager of a professional sports team adequatly educated?

Im looking to work in the sports industry and am interested how the ideal General Manager of a sports team is educated or prepared. experience sports...


Makenna F.’s Avatar
Makenna F. May 18, 2016 557 views

Are there reliable internships for dancers in college?

I'm a dancer, and I'll be majoring in Dance at Brigham Young University-Idaho professional experience dance performing-arts dancing career...


CIERRA M.’s Avatar
CIERRA M. May 05, 2016 784 views

How many years does it take to become an OBGYN?

Just Wanting To Know How Long Does Training Last Before You Get To Experience Yourself With Patients medicine healthcare experience learning hospital-and-health-care healthcare...


Albert P.’s Avatar
Albert P. Dec 01, 2016 856 views

As a Computer Science Major (or any CS related major) who has no prior work or internship experience, what do you suggest I do to get a programming job or internship?

As the question states, I am a CS major who has little experience and has only done a few side projects that were not too advanced (in web dev and basic networking principles). I am trying to get an internship and I have been sending out resumes and going to career fairs, but most companies...

internship computer experience science career-details job-application

Eric F.’s Avatar
Eric F. Aug 19, 2016 693 views

How do I get a headstart in my field of study without having too many skills in that area?

I am entering my second year of college and am planning on majoring in computer science. I have only taken one programming class so far. How do I get more experience or an internship in the field of study in computer science, so that I may increase my chances of getting into the major at my...

personal-development college internships computer-science experience computer-software

Danny L.’s Avatar
Danny L. Jan 28, 2017 1120 views

What job experiences can lead to career in Human Resources?

Hi there, I'll be graduating in an year and I'm looking through my career paths and job experiences. I have lots of experiences of living abroad and willing and wanting to work anywhere in the world. I think some values of skills of HR management really fits to me; such as listening skills,...

international first-job human-resources job career-details entry-level college-jobs experience

Kristen K.’s Avatar
Kristen K. Mar 30, 2017 2012 views

Do classes count as experience?

I'm a senior in college and I'm an English major with a professional writing minor. I've been applying to jobs since last semester and it seems that every job posting requires 2-6 years of professional writing or editorial experience. I've had at least two years of professional writing in all...

career-choice college-senior experience career writing english

Jack W.’s Avatar
Jack W. Mar 29, 2017 496 views

How would I get experience in classes my school doesn't have?

My school is very small and has an even smaller amount of classes for the students to choose from for electives and does not have a choice of any AP classes. If I want to do something like Aeronautical/Astronautical engineering, the College/University I may choose to go to may want a better...

college experience

Haley W.’s Avatar
Haley W. Mar 13, 2017 594 views

Job experience

Is it okay to put my last two jobs down even though I only worked there for a few day?? job...


deandre J.’s Avatar
deandre J. Jan 11, 2017 573 views

How exactly do I start a business

I am thinking about starting a music business. I want to make a career for myself singing hopefully. But I don't know how to go about doing that. music experience...


Shruthi B.’s Avatar
Shruthi B. Oct 20, 2016 1078 views

How do you get enough experience to get hired?

I was talking to a few of my college- going friends and they mentioned that it was difficult to find good jobs that would hire them without experience. Is this a real problem that everyone faces and if so how do we get enough experience to get hired by the companies we want? human-resources...

experience hiring

Hashir A.’s Avatar
Hashir A. Nov 03, 2016 621 views

How important is your GPA when trying to get a job in your field?

If I'm trying to get a job in any field, does GPA matter or is having relevant experience more important? college job-search experience undergraduate...


Kellie F.’s Avatar
Kellie F. Oct 30, 2016 431 views

How do you know what's the best Engineering discipline you should go into?

I am a senior in high school. I want to go to college for engineering, but i'm not sure what discipline I should go into....


Eduardo H.’s Avatar
Eduardo H. Oct 29, 2016 579 views

What has your career done to help change your life for good? For the worse?

This is what I believe is crucial when choosing a career. Doing a job that pays a lot that you hate might not be as good as doing a job you love with lesser pay, and the way your career affects your life is a huge element to your overall drive and mindset. career-choice career-path...

emotional observational interactions public-relations experience decision-making

Zainab  B.’s Avatar
Zainab B. Oct 27, 2016 613 views

How do I get a job

I need one experience...


Lucy S.’s Avatar
Lucy S. Oct 24, 2016 689 views

What are some good colleges for aerospace engineering?

I want to pursue aerospace engineering, and I want to do what's best for my future. I know I can look at rankings online, but what aspects of colleges should I really be looking at to determine what's best for me? engineering experience aerospace...


Lucy S.’s Avatar
Lucy S. Oct 24, 2016 1091 views

Will aerospace engineers go to Mars?

It's one of my biggest dreams to have our species one day make it to the red planet, and I'm hoping as an aerospace engineering, I will get to take part in the mission. engineering experience aerospace nasa...


Lucy S.’s Avatar
Lucy S. Oct 24, 2016 477 views

How did you decide which sector of aerospace engineering you wanted to pursue (aero or astro)?

Aerospace engineering can be a very broad career topic, but is split into two different tracks. Thinking about my career in aerospace engineering worries me that I will have difficulty deciding on my track. engineering experience aerospace...


Lucy S.’s Avatar
Lucy S. Oct 24, 2016 547 views

Aerospace Engineering is a tough field. Is it overwhelming at times? If so, how have you handled it? and would you recommend this route?

Aerospace engineering can be a daunting career, as it is intellectually challenging. I know that it can be time consuming, but I do not know to what extent. engineering experience aerospace...


Lucy S.’s Avatar
Lucy S. Oct 24, 2016 741 views

What is a day in the life of an aerospace engineer all about?

I plan on becoming an aerospace engineer, and I know that jobs in the real field vary quite a bit. I have talked to a few people about their jobs as aerospace engineers, but I would like to have a full spectrum of experience. engineering experience aerospace...


Julia M.’s Avatar
Julia M. Oct 24, 2016 734 views

What nonprofit companies hire health science majors?

I would like to travel to countries in need degree...


Julia M.’s Avatar
Julia M. Oct 24, 2016 563 views

What career options are there for health sciences and working with kids?

I want to work in the health field but also enjoy working and educating kids. degree...


Katherine C.’s Avatar
Katherine C. Oct 11, 2016 770 views

What experience can students gain while still in high school?

I am a high school student and am struggling to find any opportunities for experience and development. Any suggestions? jobs school experience...


Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. Oct 06, 2016 1030 views

In your experience, are psychology internships *or* research experience more important for acceptance to graduate school?

I'm currently an underclassman, however I'd like to gain some quality experience for grad school. Considering that I'm looking to become a professor who conducts research, I thought that in my case pursuing research experience might be the better call. Is this the correct type of thinking, or...

psychology internships experience graduate-school resume research

Kobe G.’s Avatar
Kobe G. Aug 16, 2016 584 views

After getting out of school how long does it usually take to get into the field of sports and entertainment?

Im asking this question because I want to know how hard and how long it will take to get a job after. sports experience networking...


Rosemary M.’s Avatar
Rosemary M. Aug 20, 2016 1094 views

Why do spectators play a very important role in the sports entertainment industry?

I know when it comes to merchandise you need fans to purchase things and for support, but other than that, what makes them so important? I'm just curios to know. experience...


Rosemary M.’s Avatar
Rosemary M. Aug 20, 2016 541 views

What are the greatest challenges some people may come across when first getting into the sports entertainment industry?

Some people like myself like to prepare for the worst, but how can I prepare for the worst if I don't know what the worst is or could happen. college...


Karin N.’s Avatar
Karin N. Aug 19, 2016 569 views

How will I know what career choice is best for me and will be a choice that will make my parents proud of me?

My parents hold very high expectations of me and I'm afraid the choice I will make on a career will not be enough for them. I am also afraid that if I choose the career choice they want me to have, I will not be happy and live my life miserably, dreading waking up each day to attend my job....

knowledge family-issues experience

Karen P.’s Avatar
Karen P. Aug 06, 2016 709 views

How do you gain experience when employers are only looking for workers with experience?

I had numerous experiences where my older brother, who is 20 years and old and going into his third year of college, would come home disappointed that the place he applied for previously did not accept him. Many of these places require outside experiences, but how is it possible to gain that...

job-requirements experience