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Career Questions tagged Farmer

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edwardo Nov 15 62 views

I'm thinking of starting a hatchery for catfish....good or bad idea?


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Dylan Aug 26 258 views

What's the best type of farming to go to?

I come from a family farm that does row-crop, and cow/calf operation. That's all I've ever experienced, and was just wondering if theirs something different I should try to learn more?

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Daniel Aug 26 106 views

As a Ranch hand, do the Ranchers require you to be BQA certified?

I am asking this question, because some packing houses require you to be BQA certified.
BQA - Beef Quality Assurance

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Miryam May 07 372 views

Do you recommend any classes in college that could help you be a better organic farmer ?

I would like to be an organic farmer, and I was told to go to college, but I'm not so sure if that is a good idea, or what class to take. (Not a degree).

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Tanner Apr 07, 2021 232 views

What are good practices for soil conservation?

#farmer #ag

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Tanner Apr 07, 2021 205 views

Whats a good way for a farmer to keep accurate books?

#farmer #ag

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Tanner Apr 05, 2021 284 views

What is a good way for a young farmer to grow their operation?

#farmer #ag #agriculture

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Paige Feb 09, 2021 374 views

How do you become successful In the agricultural world if your not a farmer

#farmer #jobs #agriculture #career

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Trevor Nov 20, 2019 267 views

What's the best way to increase your crop yield


Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Nov 20, 2019 273 views

Would I want to LLC my farm


Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Nov 20, 2019 267 views

What kind of business classes would you need to take to be able to handle farming


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Adam Nov 20, 2019 313 views

What major is needed to work your way toward a career in agronomy?

#farmer #agronomy #college-major

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Angel Jul 01, 2016 808 views

How do i become a medical marijuana doctor

i'm a sophomore in high school. i want more information about legally growing and smoking marijuana. #education #botany #farmer

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narendra May 23, 2016 1386 views

I want to become a good agriculturist what will be the process?

I have completed 11th, i am interested in agriculter #agriculture #farmer