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Career Questions tagged Fashion

Many have a desire to pursue a fashion design career, but there are a ton more choices. Most colleges offer a fashion degree. With a degree in fashion opportunities in...

Audrey P.’s Avatar
Audrey P. Jun 18, 2020 930 views

I am 15 years old and I feel like I should have some idea of what I should do or be in the future. I feel like I am not good at anything. Any ideas on how I should figure out?

I am 15, I make good grades (4.6 gpa), im in all honors and AP courses, im athletic, im tall and skinny, i play travel sports all year round, I was a spirit leader last year, im full of energy, i have adhd, i am nervous about presenting in large crowds but i can talk to large crowds, i take...

sports-management fashion technology art travel chef medicine unsure college future

Saneen K.’s Avatar
Saneen K. Jun 14, 2020 289 views

Can I make a career in fashion without getting a degree that is directly related to fashion?

I'm currently going into my sophomore year and I'm pursuing a degree in International Relations and History with a sequence in Data Science. While I do love these topics I am also really interested in working in the fashion industry. Perhaps going marketing or fashion writing, etc. I really...

marketing fashion-design fashion

Amelia K.’s Avatar
Amelia K. Jun 16, 2020 354 views

What careers would you suggest I look into if I am interested in art, fashion and marketing?

I am interested in many things and I am looking for a career that will utilize and fulfill my interests in business, art and/or fashion fashion art artist marketing...


Marie E.’s Avatar
Marie E. May 14, 2020 217 views

Would I be a good fit to be a model?

Many models are gorgeous and yes I have no confidence but I want to be one but the question is am I good enough...


Marie E.’s Avatar
Marie E. May 12, 2020 241 views

what is a good way to get your modeling picture to a person who does that kind of stuff

Many told me I am pretty and beautiful and gorgeous (I have a hard time believing them) But I would love to model art design fashion photograph...


Marie E.’s Avatar
Marie E. May 12, 2020 276 views

what are some tips on being a model?

I want to be one even tho im ugly I can pretend im pretty fashion career-details...


Marie E.’s Avatar
Marie E. May 12, 2020 271 views
Polina W.’s Avatar
Polina W. Apr 25, 2020 237 views

Is fashion marketing female dominated?

Hi, I would like to ask this for anyone currently working in fashion marketing. Would you say you work mostly with females? I have always enjoyed working with both men and women and would like to enter a career in fashion marketing and have always been under the impression it is female...

marketing business fashion professional career

Polina W.’s Avatar
Polina W. Apr 25, 2020 323 views

Is a fashion marketing degree too specific?

Hi, I want to get into marketing & have had an interest particularly in fashion marketing. I have received an offer to study fashion marketing as a master's degree at a really good university and it looks really interesting & definitely something I would like to do as a career....

marketing business fashion career-details career

Shaikha A.’s Avatar
Shaikha A. Jan 22, 2020 188 views

what do i need to choose for IGCSE if i wanted to be a decor designer?

so next year i need to study IGCSE but i don't know which subjects to choose... so please i need someone to help me choose.. thanks....


Jillian Q.’s Avatar
Jillian Q. Dec 12, 2019 297 views
Maddie S.’s Avatar
Maddie S. Dec 10, 2019 328 views

How long did it take to get your career in the art field started?

art artist fashion career artistic digitalart I would just like to know how long it took for some people to jump start their career in art. I know that for many it can take ages, but for some others it doesn't take too long with the right amount of...

Jess M.’s Avatar
Jess M. Dec 10, 2019 273 views

If I want to get into fashion design, what would be the best first few steps?

I’m 17, and I’m just curious because I love thinking about outfits. I just would like to know some of the first steps to make my ideas into reality. fashion fashion fashion-design graphic-design design marketing business art...

Mattea S.’s Avatar
Mattea S. Nov 14, 2019 234 views

What should I put in my fashion and design portfolio, and when should it be done?

I’m dead set on being a fashion designer, but as a year round athlete, it’s hard to build a portfolio. More specifically one that is worth looking at. fashion...


simona M.’s Avatar
simona M. Oct 20, 2019 527 views

Dentistry and passion for fashion,how could it get together?:(

Im a general dentist,wich didn’t practiced for about 5y and i love fashion,styling,communication,people and making things trying to find myself again in the profession that ive got,but i don’t know what is the right way... fashion fashiondesign...


Ave G.’s Avatar
Ave G. Sep 16, 2019 212 views

how hard is it to be a designer and a cool makeup artist

i love making scary make up it is cool and is seems fun to m ake people look so freaky and scary nightmares cosmetology art artist fashion...


brian D.’s Avatar
brian D. Sep 12, 2019 233 views

How do I become a skateboarding model for different brands

fashion-design How can i become a skateboard model for different brands such as Vans and Supreme etc....


Jennifer E.’s Avatar
Jennifer E. Sep 06, 2019 308 views

What other strengths or experiences might I need for a career in a fashion industry?

Hi my name is Jennifer, I am a Glen Rose HS students, I am 17 years old and a junior. My strengths are being a good communicator, organizing and cleaning. I am interested in the fashion industry. In my spare time I like to organize. What other strengths or experiences might I need for a career...

design fashion-design fashion career

Giulianna L.’s Avatar
Giulianna L. Jul 26, 2019 388 views

What is it like being a fashion designer?

I have always wanted to be one, but im nervous im not passionate about it enough. What is it like? Is it very competitive? fashion fashion-design design...


peyton G.’s Avatar
peyton G. May 10, 2019 258 views

what five (5) classes do i have to take for fashion designing?

Im going to be going to belmont university for design and im not exactly sure which classes i could take to get this degree....


Aliyah J.’s Avatar
Aliyah J. Apr 23, 2019 185 views

What jobs would you suggest, that would best fit my personality?

My personality is fun, outgoing & girly. I really love things that have to do with fashion....


Alicia Y.’s Avatar
Alicia Y. Apr 14, 2019 276 views

how do i know which artistic career suits me best?

I'm currently studying advertisement design as a junior in high school, but I'm not sure if i want to continue the path of 2d graphic design. Fashion design used to be a huge interest of mine, but lately I've been considering interior design as a career path as well, except i have very little...

design interiordesign fashion fashiondesign career

kimberly H.’s Avatar
kimberly H. Apr 12, 2019 239 views

How many years does it take to be a photographer

I already love to take pictures of landscapes, and i would love to take more detailed and professional photos. photography fashion...