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Ashlie S.’s Avatar
Ashlie S. May 22, 2018 389 views

When searching for a job in this career field, what helped when you were searching for a job to fit what you've wanted to do after college?

I have been very interested in science since I was very little. The one thing I've always wanted to do was become a wildlife field biologist and have wanted to do this since I was 7. The only problem is, there are so many jobs out there but I don't know which one would be the type for me. Even...

career science field

James D.’s Avatar
James D. Aug 21, 2016 769 views

Sports Medicine or Sports Reporting Possible

I am a senior in high school and want to do something with sports. I have been in sports since I was 4. I have done karate, baseball, flag football and in the last 4 years have become serious about running. I ran all year at the high school level. I also may want to become a police officer but...

sports-journalism sports-media sports sports-medicine sports-agent athletics in sport sports-marketing or field

Chyna G.’s Avatar
Chyna G. May 18, 2016 551 views

How common is it to find a job as an anesthesiologist?

I would love to hear someone perspective on this field because I would love to one day become an anesthesiologist! doctor anesthesiologist field hospital-and-health-care science...


Allyson F.’s Avatar
Allyson F. May 11, 2016 734 views

Would a BS degree in Environmental Engineering help me with my career goal to be a Director of a Water Treatment Plant?

I am currently enrolled in the Water Technology Program at my high school and hope to graduate high school with my General AA from the community college as well as my class C water operator's license. I am trying to decide on my university and major for after I grudate. in field water...

environment college science engineering career career-counseling

Kyle Y.’s Avatar
Kyle Y. Nov 09, 2016 1139 views

What was your undergraduate major, and why did you choose it?

I ask this question because not everyone gets a job in their field of study. This question is for those who do not know what they want to study, and are looking for someone who was in a similar situation. A lot of people don't know what to study when they get to college, so did your major play...

mba college job major minor field

Sydney H.’s Avatar
Sydney H. Oct 22, 2016 636 views
Tiffanie L.’s Avatar
Tiffanie L. Aug 31, 2016 544 views

How can I get internships?

Let's say I have been in college for a few years and I want to obtain an internship around my field. What is a grat way to get an internship? It seems as if internships are really hard to get and that they are really selective. internships...


Britney M.’s Avatar
Britney M. Aug 15, 2016 730 views

Was it hard getting exposed into the entrepreneur world and making your own label for yourself?

Entrepreneurship is a big step and you need a lot of connections to achieve it! My cousin actually got into that field by connections because it isn't easy. entrepreneurship social networking entertainment entrepreneur field career-goals...


Tiffanie L.’s Avatar
Tiffanie L. Jul 15, 2016 642 views

Are there stereotypes towards different majors/jobs? If yes, What are those stereotypes?

It seems like in college there are bias that fields lie science, accounting.. and so and much harder than other fields. majors field...


Tiffanie L.’s Avatar
Tiffanie L. Jul 06, 2016 683 views

What kind of jobs are in the communications field?

I'm a communications major and business minor, since these interests are very general, what are the types of jobs you can find in these fields? college career major...


Sofia  P.’s Avatar
Sofia P. Nov 19, 2015 821 views

how much do clinical psychologist get paid per year?

Because i am very interested in having this job in the future. in...


Forrest R.’s Avatar
Forrest R. Mar 12, 2014 873 views

What are some other jobs/careers that relate with aerospace engineering?

I am currently interested with aerospace engineering, and I would like to gain more knowledge within the field. I would like other careers that relate within the field so I can have other possible career options. engineering career aerospace future knowledge...