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Abdiel L. Mar 05 65 views

Is a career in Video Game Design viable for living?

If I pursue a career in game design, will it help pay for bills and the like or should it just stay a hobby? #video-game-design #games #design...


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brendan S. Dec 12, 2019 104 views

How do you program?

I like playing video games #technology #video-games #programming...


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Andrew N. Nov 14, 2019 51 views
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Ethan S. Nov 05, 2019 64 views

Besides College, what can I do right now that will teach me how to be a video game designer?

I plan on going to college for this and I also watch youtube videos about anything related to this job. I have tried to connect with professionals but have had no success yet with that. I am dedicated and I am smart, and I want nothing more than to work on video games and pour all of my...

#computer-games #video-games #game-design #video-game-design #college

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JACOB C. Nov 02, 2019 55 views

manufacturing equipment

i'm needing manufacturing equipment for my board game, large scale printers, card packing machines, equipment that vacuum seals the cards, equipment to make the boxes the game will go in ect.. this is a whole new thing for me and i'm need to identify the various equipment i will need to get...

#video-games #broadcast-media #game-design #video-game-design #construction

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Vudara R. Oct 28, 2019 70 views

I have intrested in game developer but I am not good at drawing

My name Ravindrasai from india #game-design...


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Tyler B. Sep 20, 2019 90 views

What's the best way to start off a game development career?

Hi! My life long dream has been being a game developer, but don't know the steps to take. #video-game-design #video-games #computer-games...


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blake A. Sep 20, 2019 80 views

Do you enjoy youre job as a game designer?

i'm a student and right now i'm wanting to go into game design, but im not sure it'll either be fun or rewarding or hard. so do u enjoy it? #game-design #video-games #video-game-design...


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weft W. Sep 17, 2019 57 views

how do I become a video game designer

I am in the Programming and Software development program at Ohio Virtual Academy #game-design #video-games...


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Aj G. Sep 16, 2019 54 views

Will this help me to get to my career?

I'm a 8th grader and I want to be a game designer when I grow up #video-games #gaming #game-design also #technology...

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Devin H. Sep 06, 2019 52 views

Is it true that people wanting to get into game design end up developing on something else?

I'm looking to get into game design to help develop games that I enjoy. I have heard from a college student that most students looking to develop certain skills for game development don't end up in the game industry. #video-games #video-game-design #gaming...


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Devin H. Sep 06, 2019 59 views

Is there enough space in the gaming industry?

I am currently working on developing my knowledge on game design so that I can help develop the games that I enjoyed as a kid, and I have always wondered if there were always positions available in the industry. #video-games #gaming #game-development...


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Vincent L. Sep 05, 2019 70 views

Can I sit in a chair for 10 hours and make money?

I love shaggy and I play video games 24/7 and I also rage on video games. #video-games #ignitingpossibilities #video-games #video-game-design #game-design #computer-games...


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Israel R. Sep 05, 2019 142 views

I am in the 9th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career, what are some careers and helpful next steps I should consider based on my passions and interests?

At school, I am most interested in Game Designer, Game Concept Designer, and Lead Game Developer, while some of my hobbies include Learning/Playing Video Games, Drawing/Art, and Programming. A topic that I am passionate about is getting into a University that fits my needs. What are some career...

#video-games #technology #design #game-design #career #video-game-design

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Mario C. Jul 29, 2019 88 views
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Jonathan M. Jul 12, 2019 60 views
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Devin L. Apr 17, 2019 100 views

How do i know what kinds of games to make?

Hi my name is Devin and i am looking for info on what kind of games to make #video-games #game-design...


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Annalise W. Apr 17, 2019 153 views
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Moto M. Mar 12, 2019 85 views
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Devin O. Mar 07, 2019 217 views

How do people make video games?

So I can make video games my self and I can make my family proud of how much I improved in making things me and my brother like please answer this question to support #video-game #video-games #video-game-design #game-design #gaming...


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Moto M. Mar 08, 2019 133 views
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daryan M. Feb 06, 2019 124 views
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Charlene O. Jan 10, 2019 205 views

What are the requirements to become a Game Designer?

I am very into drawing and designing things for the school and for people that enjoy my skills of art. I just want to know what can I do to get my art into the gaming industries. #art #artist #video-game-design #game-design...


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Matt M. Sep 05, 2018 205 views

What equipment do I need to professionally stream video games on Twitch.Tv

I am a kid and I like to play video games such as fortnite and I was wondering what stuff I need ot have a high quality stream. #video-game-design #gaming #video-games #game-design...


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Dylan M. May 24, 2018 237 views

How to get a good Starting point in the field of Game Design

So i'm looking to peruse a career in Video game design and currently gonna be a senior in high school and want to know a good starting point for getting into it before going off to college. #gamedesign #games #computer-science #computer-graphics #programming #game-design...


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Tyler S. Apr 23, 2018 212 views

What is one of the hardest aspects of being a game programmer?

I'm currently studying at WPI in order to go on to become a game programmer. What is one of the hardest things about that job, whether it be a part of the job or part of actually landing it? #game-programming...


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James S. Jan 16, 2018 250 views

How do you get into the game design industry as an artist?

When going into the game design industry, how do you expand your art portfolio to get noticed by developers that can commission you? #art #video-games #video-game-design #game-design...


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Jason C. Jan 22, 2018 341 views

What should i learn to be a game designer?

I have zero experience in gaming design, but i want to learn. It is like one of my dream jobs. Is unity a good one to start with? I like Dota 2, Overwatch, and Lost Saga. #highschool #game-design...


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Jerry L. Jan 22, 2018 238 views

I'm interested in designing a game and i don't know where to to start.

I'm a 11th grader who plays videogames almost everyday and was interested in designing my own video game but the problem is i don't know where to start. I was wondering do i start by learning coding or should i download a few software and start fiddling with the application. The games i usually...


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Gabriel H. Jan 21, 2018 316 views

Whats the best way to get a job in game design

My dream job is to work on video games, preferably independently but experience at a major game studio would help. I was wondering what are the best things I can do right now to help me get a job at a major game studio? #games #computer-games...


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s L. Jan 18, 2018 319 views

A few questions for a videogame programmer...

What is your current profession? What did you want to be when you were in high school? What kind of student were you? What tips would you give to a high school student hoping to go into game programming? What did you major in, and at what college? What is something unexpected that you found out...

#computer-games #video-games #game-development #game-design #video-game-design #computer-software

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Ari A. Jan 03, 2018 381 views

College selection problem.

I want to pursue a career in video game design what college should I go to? #college #video-games #game-design...


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Ashley H. Dec 08, 2017 366 views

What are some good ways for high school students to gain experience?

I did not have a lot of experience outside of school and volunteering when I started at university, and my brothers are both looking as they could be in the same boat as I was. I have given them a couple of suggestions from things that I learned, however, is there anything that anyone would...

#sports #experience #volunteering #coaching #swimming #high-school #game-design #engineering

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Robert O. Nov 18, 2017 412 views
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nicolas W. Feb 09, 2017 570 views

If I want to be a game designer what skills do I need?

i am asking this question because i am interested in this job #to #game #video-games #game-development #game-design...