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Career Questions tagged General Career Advice For Young People

Dyanne’s Avatar
Dyanne May 17, 2018 559 views

Which university has a better Architecture program? TTU or UTA?

I am very indecisive about which university to attend. Both the University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Tech University have caught my attention, yet I do not know which is a better option for me. I wish to know more about their architecture programs even though I have done some research....

Dyanne’s Avatar
Dyanne May 17, 2018 544 views

What are some tips you can give me if I plan to master in Architecture?

I am a Junior in High School and plan to attend Texas Tech University or the University of Texas at Arlington. I've always known I wanted to be an architect, yet I feel the need of guidance. I understand that my career is quite a challenge; therefore I would love to hear any advice you are...

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Zoe May 09, 2018 364 views

How do i start taking some general ed. college classes in high school?


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Seth Apr 26, 2018 523 views

As a musician, how do you prepare for a career in the music industry?

The music industry is a vast place, with opportunities in almost every turn. A young musician (such as myself), can easily get overwhelmed with the amount of work available in the world. Personally, I want to be as versatile as possible in the industry, being able to work in any environment to...

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Jazmin Mar 24, 2018 773 views

What jobs can I apply for with a degree in conservation biology?

I previously wanted a degree in wildlife biology, but after I further explored my interests I became more intrigued with the conservation aspects of biology rather than the scientific aspect. It's also come to my attention that Conservation Biology is a fairly knew major, and I was wondering...

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Alexis Jan 18, 2018 465 views

How can I get better at being confident in my answers?

I know the answers to questions but I just won't say anything in fear that it may actually be wrong. I want to not care and learn from my mistakes. Any ideas? #general-career-advice-for-young-people

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jan 18, 2018 513 views

How did you realize what you wanted to do for a living?

I honestly love everything and I have trouble deciding what I want to invest my future in.
#indecisive #general-career-advice-for-young-people