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Career Questions tagged Healthcare Administration

Corey’s Avatar
Corey Sep 26, 2022 268 views

What is the experience like as being a Health care administration specialist in the US Navy?

I'm curious about pursing this path

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Aug 24, 2022 403 views

What are some passion project ideas that a student interested in the health field can do?

I'm passionate about arts and health. I've already done a passion project for art, which was curating and sponsoring a teen-art gallery to support a non-profit. Not only that, but I've done some volunteering at hospitals and Red Cross, which has been great so far. What are some ideas for a...

Brinity’s Avatar
Brinity Sep 01, 2017 469 views

what course do you need to take to become a neonatal nurse?

I need to know if this a career I should pursue for myself since I love helping other. #nursing #healthcare-administration

Kristian’s Avatar
Kristian Aug 17, 2016 669 views

What is the best way to go about searching for medical internships?

I'm studying to become a doctor and I want to be able to have a little experience in the medical field while taking classes to help my job process go smoother when applying once I get all my certifications and degrees. #healthcare-administration

Danica’s Avatar
Danica May 26, 2016 900 views

Am I pursuing the right Degree?

I am currently in my second year working towards a Bachelors in Business with an emphasis in Operations management. My end goal is to run a non-profit hospital that will serve rural areas. Initially I was working towards a Bachelors in Health Care Administration, yet people I spoke to in that...

Gregory’s Avatar
Gregory May 17, 2016 750 views

How would you describe the corporate atmosphere in a dentist office?

My plan after obtaining my undergrad degree is to go to dentistry school and become an dentist.
#healthcare #dentistry #orthodontist #healthcare-administration #healthcare-management #oral-surgery