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Healthcare focuses on the maintenance and improvement of health. Many careers support healthcare such as doctors, nurses, hospital staff and medical research. For more information, please read below.

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Athena R. Jun 15 84 views

What does a CRNA do?

Hello! I am a rising junior in high school, and am very interested in going into the medical field. However, I am not sure what I want to be. Currently I am looking into CRNAs. I had surgery 6 months ago for my ACL, and the CRNA that worked with me was very kind and comforting. She has inspired...

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Athena R. Jun 15 482 views

What are jobs in the medical field that don't require going to medical school?

Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a doctor. Now that I have become a high school student, I've done research about what it takes to go to medical school. Helping and interacting with others is what I want to do. Although, I don't think I have what it takes to go into medical school....

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Divya G. Jun 11 103 views

How do I become a surgeon?

I'm in the first year of my GCSEs, and I'm a little confused about how to become a practising surgeon. What are the elaborate steps I need to take? #doctor #medicine #surgery #surgeon #healthcare #college #premed...


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Catherine T. Jun 10 105 views

what is the bs/md program

I am interested in the route of becoming a doctor right after high school, since it will save time and money, without requiring an MCAT. What are the differences between #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #medical #medicine #doctor this versus the traditional route and is it easier or...

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Catherine T. Jun 09 409 views

Should I go into bussiness or medicine

I change my mind a lot and want to do something that is I enjoy every day. I feel that business is broad and it is so much you can do with a business major, however, being a doctor is so straightforward because having a medical degree is just being a doctor. I have always wanted to be a doctor...

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Kaitlyn P. Jun 04 134 views

Does anyone have a recommended path I should take in college to become a neonatal nurse practitioner? Should I become a CNA before becoming an RN? How many years should I work as an RN before going back to school to become an NP?

I’m a high school sophomore looking to become a NICU nurse practitioner. :) I have researched a little about the requirements, but am a little lost about how I should go about my education and career path #nursing #nurse #registered-nurses #healthcare #nicu...


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Charlotte Y. May 31 131 views

What does an ob/gyn do?

I am interested in becoming an ob/gyn, and would like some more info about what they do on a day to day basis, etc. #medicine #healthcare #medical #doctor #hospital-and-health-care...

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Arisa Y. May 30 273 views

What are some back up professions or careers?

I'm thinking about going into the medical field and I know that it's tough. Even though it'd be a dream to study medicine, I figured that I should be on the safe side and have a backup job I can fall back on if things don't work out. Any suggestions for those kinds of jobs? #job #medicine...

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Arisa Y. May 29 122 views

What is it like going to a BS/MS PA program like? Should I chose this route instead of taking a more traditional entry into the PA profession?

I'm thinking about being a PA (physician assistant/associate) which is why I thought about taking a more advanced program straight out of high school. It allows me to enter the work field sooner as well as cut down some costs. The one thing that concerns me is the amount of vigor/what it...

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Tamra W. May 25 124 views

MA skills differences

I graduated with associate in applied science for medical assistant in 2008, went back for healthcare administration but didn't finish how can I get a job in my field asap .I've done research...job search EVERY thing.... #medicalismydream #internship #biology #medicine #healthcare...


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katerina B. May 18 129 views

How many weeks is this internship?

I am a second year university student who is interested in public health and health policy management. I am looking for opportunities where I can gain transferable job skills and create lasting relationships. #internship #healthcare...


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On Ni L. May 14 143 views

Where can I look for shadowing opportunities from a GP/ a specialist?

I am Annie, a year 3 student studying business administration and law at the University of Hong Kong, but it has always been my passion to enter a medical school and serve as a surgeon in the future. I am looking into applying for MD at Duke-NUS upon graduation of my current degree. And I would...

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kyra D. May 11 107 views
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Garrett G. May 11 124 views

What's the best way to tell recruiters that you have Six Sigma Experience?

A business-minded political science and public policy major seeking internships in the healthcare industry. Eager to leverage knowledge to contribute to an organization's corporate objectives, while gaining valuable industry knowledge. #healthcare...


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Gordon P. May 08 124 views

How can I endeavour in my interests and thrive in the careers I want with this experience?

I am a year 12 student studying in the UK, but returned to HK temporarily. I am studying biology, chemistry, single math and Japanese at the moment, and I am considering nursing/medicine and other healthcare professions as my future career. I hope that I can learn more from volunteering and...

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Irene M. May 06 166 views

Are there psychological reasonings that can explain a person’s lack of motivation

Hi, I have been thinking that, I’m better off being an architect but I love getting involved with people and helping them. As time goes on my motivation of being a doctor is fading off due to different challenges I’m facing currently. I noticed that I seriously forget that I’m alive and I...

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joseline M. Apr 25 136 views

how do you become a neonatal nurse

#nursing #nurse-practitioner #medicine #healthcare Ive always been interested in the medical...

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Marie E. May 05 124 views

what one would best fit for me A surgeon or a RN?

I love to help people I would love to be a RN but I also am getting interested in being a Surgeon and operate #medicine #nursing...


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Whitney L. Apr 30 98 views
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Account D. Apr 26 240 views

Should I be a psychiatrist nurse or an interior designer?

Hello, My anatomy and physiology class is not doing great. I've been failing the exams which I study each day to pass the exam. However, I think i'm going to give up to be a nurse and maybe change careers. What do you think I should do? #help #what #nurse # #nurse-practitioner...

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Sarah W. Apr 25 80 views

How can I get shadowing opportunities for medical school?

I am a second-year Bioengineering major looking to get more involved in my future career field. #healthcare #medicine...


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Kaitlyn R. Apr 25 89 views

Has COVID-19 affected the way a dermatologist is able to see their patients?

With a lot of businesses and schools closing down, everyone is pretty much trying to stay home and avoid contact with anyone from outside. I assume this has affected the way dermatologists and other doctors see their patients. #doctor #healthcare #medical #medicine #dermatology...


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Paola G. Apr 24 127 views

What does the normal routine of a nurse consist of? Has Covid-19 made the medical facilities less busy (due to people staying at home) or has it kept its level of intensity?

I'm very interested in working in a fast pace environment like the ER. I like the idea of how you'll be able to see all types of cases everyday. And how to deal with the patients and they are needing in the moment. #nursing #nurse #healthcare #college #medicine #medical #student...


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Stephanie C. Apr 24 133 views

What does the normal routine of a neonatal nurse consist of ? How was the COVID-19 impacted medical facilites, for example what are the work days looking like?

I'm very interested into going into a work field where I get to work with children and also care for them, more specifically newborns. #medicine #medical #nurse #nursing...


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Jasmine P. Apr 23 96 views

If I want to be a school nurse, what are the requirements to be a school nurse? How is covid-19 impacting school nurses & regular nurses?

I'm in high school at the edge of graduation & many of my science teachers recommend me to join in some sort of career with science. I'm not sure what I still want to be, and honestly a school nurse sounds kind of easy. The thing is at first I wanted to be a social worker but for me it...

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