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Career Questions tagged Help

The help tag is here to help you. Unsure of which tag applies to your question? That is fine. Just use the tags you think are closely related to your...

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Mar 27 81 views

When did you know you were going to stick to your career?

I am currently in high school and don’t know what to do after. i want to go to college but don’t know what major to take and the career path i should follow

Brynn’s Avatar
Brynn Mar 26 75 views

How do I figure out what I want to be when I’m older based off of what I like to do?

I know I like to make people happy, I like getting what I want and I’m pretty good at it (not in a bratty way), I like helping people, and I like accomplishing things. I just don’t know what career these things turn out to be.

Qinglin’s Avatar
Qinglin Mar 15 144 views

What are your major motivations helping us out on this platform?

I have asked some questions at career village and the answers I got were extremely helpful and supportive as well. I am very grateful for the help from all the people who answered my questions. I am really curious about what prompts you to help us out in this way, and why you choose to help us...

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Mar 09 167 views

What are some habits to follow that would help you succeed in finding a dream college or job?

As a sophomore, I want to know what habits or mentalities to keep and assure myself I am on the right path.

FAITH’s Avatar
FAITH Mar 07 153 views

what are the best note taking methods for college to help understand the work?

just want to know.

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Mar 06 97 views

Is medical school very vigorous learning?

I've been thinking about going into medical school to become a doctor, and I was wondering just how tough the classes will be. How much homework do you usually get as a medical student? How many classes should I take daily? I am currently a Sophomore in high school, so I still have time to...

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Mar 04 76 views

What’s the best way to decide on what to major in ?

I have a few things in mind and I’m just not sure which to pick.

Jaylin’s Avatar
Jaylin Mar 04 162 views

What is some advice for preparing to pay and go to collage?

I am applying to scholarships with a few websites and and doing community server and I would like to do anything I can to pay and go to collage! I specifically would like to go to school to study in psychology and become a therapist!

Jolee’s Avatar
Jolee Mar 03 69 views

As a therapist, do you believe you should have your own therapist?

Anyone who is a therapist carries lots of weight on their shoulders. Do you believe it's beneficial for a therapist to have a therapist?

I know there are laws that state you cannot disclose what people tell you, but how do you handle these difficult topics?

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Mar 03 81 views

What is the bestthing to do when applying to college?

As a student that is graduating a year early and also doing dual enrollment I just want to be as prepared as I can be going off and applying to different schools

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Feb 28 97 views

High School Courses for the Mecanical Field?

What are some helpful high school courses for people looking at a career field in mechanics, that most school would offer.

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Feb 23 157 views

Should I go into the medical field or become a writer?

I've always loved writing, but I've also always loved helping people. One of my goals in life is to have a lot of free time and freedom with my money, but I know I would only get one of those by becoming a doctor. I wouldn't have a lot of free time as a medical student and I'd work long hours...

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Feb 14 125 views

What kind of careers can I embark on that have to do with helping people or having to speak Spanish?

I am a Senior in high school and I am still undecided on what job I should pursue after college.

Shakira’s Avatar
Shakira Feb 14 152 views

How do i schedule for college?

I need help

SAI HAMSINI Feb 12 123 views



McKenzie’s Avatar
McKenzie Feb 09 370 views

How is this app going to help me?

Can this program help me find careers that interest me or is it just to help me stay organized? I'm stuck on what I want to do with my life and I just don't know the purpoe of this site.

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Feb 03 455 views

Please, I need answers.

What lead you to where you are now?
What advice do you have for me?
Was this your dream job, Is this where you saw yourself for your future?
When was the last time you've done something for the first time?
What should I know about keeping a job?

Elahsia’s Avatar
Elahsia Feb 02 185 views


My dream is to be successful in life. There's lots of careers that'll help that goal. Any suggestions? If it'll help, I love psychology and medical field related things.

Ayden’s Avatar
Ayden Jan 30 85 views

When will I know if a career is the right one?

Will I get a feeling like an aha moment or will I have to jump in first and see if I like it or not?

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jan 26 188 views

What is the best path if I want to follow a business career?

I want to follow something in business but I’m not sure what would be the pest path exactly for me since I want something that is not to much statistics but I also want something that has good pay and maybe even travailing involved but not too much.

Jasmin’s Avatar
Jasmin Jan 22 281 views

What is the right job for me? How could I find a right job at my young age?

I am a grade 9 student who is currently studying and having financial problems at the same time. I would like to find a right job to support my financial expenses especially in school. My hobbies are cleaning, exercising, and cooking.

Amjad’s Avatar
Amjad Jan 21 179 views

When will you help me for the Job?

I need a job will you help me for the job ?

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Dec 29, 2022 288 views

I am in my final year in High School, I want to read Mechanical engineering at the tertiary level, but, im always hunted with this thought, 'what if im not able to help in solving problems practically, like making a new engine for smtn, what if im not able to transfer the theories to reality rendering me worthless..' this thought is dimming my aspirations mentally, please help?

I am so confused about my next step

Elina’s Avatar
Elina Nov 29, 2022 168 views

How can I improve my college resume during my junior year?

Currently looking to strengthen my application for college.

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Nov 28, 2022 365 views

My Resume?

what are some changes that I could make to my resume that will help me out.

Kellie’s Avatar
Kellie Nov 15, 2022 304 views

How did you decide what to continue and what direction to go after college? #Fall 22

IF my potential major is biology? How could I narrow down my options after graduating?

Mikayla’s Avatar
Mikayla Nov 10, 2022 274 views

Why are counselors important when it comes to mental health?

My dream career is to be a mental health counselor. Mental health counselors talk to a patient and get to know the person, they do this so they can give advice or feedback that relates more to the patient and their struggles. Speaking from personal experience I have found that counseling does...

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Nov 08, 2022 339 views

If Im not sure what I want to do for my major what is the best way to help me find my interests?

Im a junior in highschool

nevaeh’s Avatar
nevaeh Nov 08, 2022 273 views

I need help with these college questions, can anyone help me with it?

How long to I have to be in college to get a well-paying job?
What do I have to do to get a well-paying job?
When is it the best time to go to college?
How much do I have to pay to get into a good college?

Yariel’s Avatar
Yariel Nov 02, 2022 223 views


How much impact could procrastination have on your mental health or how could it help me get out of bad habits?