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Jenny G. Oct 05 79 views

What do I do after graduating high school and want to work with crimes and figuring them out? Criminology perhaps

hello! I have some questions because i really don’t know what to do after I graduate especially when you’re the first one in the family to go through this. im absolutely interested in going to college and get a degree in criminology,but I don’t know for how long,what the degree will get me...

#criminology #help #criminaljustice #college #high-school #career

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Pamela P. Oct 04 40 views

Is environmental science a good course?

I'm a 16 year-old girl doing grade 11 ,and I'm kinda confused on wat to study. I love math!it's my favourite subject. #help a girl...

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Melissa W. Sep 29 49 views

Is it better to work as a nurse practitioner in a hospital or in a clinic?

I'm a junior in high school and want to pursue a career in the medical field. I am good at science and math and love to help people. I am very family oriented and want to have a career that still gives me time to be with friend's and family but at the same time give me the fun and excitement of...

#career-choice #help #medical

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Cassandra C. Sep 23 94 views

Do you have to become a Police Officer to become Detective?

I want to help make a difference and I feel like this career can help me pursue my dream. #help...


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Jairo C. Sep 19 92 views

How can I help a person in need?

I have a strong passion and dedication for helping others I always love helping people who seem to have some type of major struggle in their life and I try my best in helping a person as much as I can #help # counseling...


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Damen S. Sep 16 112 views

How can a poor family possibly afford collage

I'm a 17 year old poor Caucasian male who comes from a poor family. I'm trying to go to college but I didn't start think about it till this summer and don't really have the money for it. #college #broke #poor #help...


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Shantrell A. Sep 04 99 views

How can you help me determine a future career?

I am a sophomore at HillCrest High School I want to be successful but i don't know what my future goals are. #career-choice...


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Beverly L. Sep 04 65 views

Pros of being interior designer

I'm in 10th grade today and I'm planning to be an interior designer in the future but they won't agree that I will take on this course can you guys help me change my parent's mind? #interior #help...


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Itzel R. Aug 31 213 views

I'm in a Community College but I dont know what I want to major in.

I would like to travel around the world and explore new places, earn money and be able to help others. I'm not sure what I want to major in and its stressing me out. I'm also afraid to choose the wrong career. How can I know exactly what I want? And what classes should I take if I'm undecided?...

#counselor #career-path #help #travel #career #anyone

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Alexis B. Aug 31 87 views

Do you recommend going to get your masters degree in architecture?

Does having a masters degree help you make more money? Will having a masters set you apart from others?# #career-path...


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RACH A. Aug 30 72 views

How do i search for scholarships?

i was born in NY, but have been living in Nepal for the past 16 years ( im 17 now) I want to ED to NYU my parents are both nepali what scholarships do u reccomend for me because ive been browsing these scholarship websites for a day now and nothing substantial has come up #scholarship...


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Shamirah B. Aug 23 52 views

How can I give advice to other teens

Swee. A people person awesome advice giver and want to help other people...


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oci C. Aug 17 40 views

IB courses for interior designer

HELP! I'm starting IB soon and I wanted to know if subjects i picked seem acceptable. I'm aiming to pursue Interior Design in university. Please let me know what you think, if you have similar subjects as I do or even suggestions. Portuguese HL Visual Arts HL History HL English Language...

#interior-design #help

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Samantha C. Aug 10 84 views

Are there any medical related online opportunities for teens in high school to do during the pandemic? Future thanks for the help!

I am currently a junior and I do not have much medical-related volunteer experience so any bit of advice will help. Thanks again. #high-school #help #futureanesthesiologist #anesthesiologist #experience #thanks #medicalfield...


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Bao-Truc T. Aug 01 187 views

How can I manage my finances in college?

I don't have any financial knowledge on how I should be handling my money in college and I am not able to rely on my parents or ask them for help on such things. #july20 #collegestudent #finances...


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Nancy O. Jul 29 185 views

Why is it hard to build my network and find a mentor in my field of study?

I am an IT major. I tried my best to build my network and find a mentor, but it's really hard. Maybe, I am not doing it the right way. I need help....building my network, finding a mentor.....almost EVERYTHING. Technology might be in demand, but it's really hard to find a job without...

#building #college #mentor #july20 #help #major #technology #networking #network

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tamiya H. Jul 29 78 views

Is there any degrees you can have to be able to do two careers. So you won’t have to do double collage?

Hi My name is tamiya H, a Junior at Booker T Washington. Who’s looking for help to have a Great future. #july #knowledge #college...


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Ayesha I. Jul 23 168 views

How do you find apprenticeships in finance, business or banking?

I’m struggling to find an apprenticeship for the upcoming academic year and was hoping to seek some help in finding something. #apprenticeships #help #finance #banking...


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Tea F. Jul 23 138 views

What are ways to keep children learning in a non-academic setting, especially while quarantining?

With school being online, children being in daycare, the lack of summer camps, clubs, and other activities, it's becoming harder to help children continue to learn in a fun way. Many students, including myself, have found it difficult to learn from online classes: the material just doesn't...

#july20 #children #help #education #school #teacher

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Demi C. Jul 23 56 views

I have a new idea on transportation,how can I be helped to make it work

I have a new idea on transportation,how can l be helped to make it work??...


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Ashton B. Jul 20 178 views

How can I choose a profitable career when my interests don’t align with many?

I’m an upcoming senior in high school and I’m starting to seriously consider my future path. My issue is that my interest in the preforming and fine arts outweighs much of anything else, and From what I know those Aren’t fields that often get paid very much. I enjoy designing and drafting so I...

#graphicdesign #decisions #psychology #starvingartist #arts #architecture #career #career-choice #confused #stuck #music #help #money #profitable

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Anjali S. Jul 18 146 views

What kind of part time job can I do to help my studies financially?

I’m an #under_graduate who’s in need of some suggestions on how I can #help myself financially for my #further_studies. #july20...


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Victwhon N. Jul 07 102 views

Why is it so hard to get a scholarship for a D1 school?

I’m about to turn 16. I care about others and like to help others out. #scholarship #financial-aid #help #student...


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Nathaniel T. Jun 08 315 views

I Have not Received ANY Scholarships! 60+ applications!

I have applied to many merit and need-based scholarships. I am from a middle class family and have a 5.4 unweighted GPA, as well as a 1520 on my SAT. I am half Asian and half white. Both my parents are first-generation college students. We have low income and high assets, and I really want to...

#financial-aid #help #college #engineering #essay #scholarship #rejections

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liyah A. May 25 238 views

Can someone help me find a job?

I'm only 15 and I need help looking for a job that will accept me. #help #job #career...