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Career Questions tagged Information Technology

Professionals in the information technology field often liaise between business and technical aspects of projects. They create or support computer applications, systems, and networks. Workers also utilize technology to work,...

Francisco’s Avatar
Francisco Nov 17 141 views

What related fields to Computer & Information Systems do you think I should consider looking into when working towards it?

like are there other fields that would help me in the long run

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Francisco Nov 17 132 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to become a Computer & Information Systems Manager?

I'm just starting out and I'm not sure what my first step should be if anyone has any advice they wish they knew when starting out

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Amaan Nov 13 204 views

Is Management Information Systems (MIS) A good degree

What are your opinions on Management Information Systems (MIS) Or Business Technology Management(BTM)

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Thao Nov 10 346 views

How to work in the health information management field?

I am interested in getting a certification in health information management (HIM) or a masters in HIM. How can I seek an internship in this field to get experience? What requirements are needed to work in this field?

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Alena Nov 09 176 views

What are the pros and cons of being a systems administrator?

I want to be a systems administrator but I'm not going to go to college straight out of high school.

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Trenity Oct 11 344 views

Psychiatry and IT...

Do psychiatrists use IT skills at all? If so, what specific skills might be necessary? Are there any certifications that might be useful for the career path?

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Genevieve Oct 10 157 views

What degree should I pursue to become a systems analyst?

I'm toying around with the idea of combining my accounting degree with an it degree to analyze accounting systems. Should I study information technology, computer science, or management information systems?

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Seth Oct 04 184 views

I was wondering what classes I should take when go to college to become a information technology guy

My name is Seth I was wondering what classes should I take when I go to college to become a information technology guy and what steps should I take. I already know how to build a computer what else should I work on in my free time to improve the steps to reach my goal.

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Dale Sep 08 230 views

3.can you describe a typical work day? #cybersecurity

I'm Interested in knowing how a typical day as a cyber security specialist would be like.

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Dale Sep 08 201 views

2.what kind of problems will i encounter in during my time there as an employee of a cybersecurity company. #cybersecurity

I love to work alone leave me be please thank you

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Genevieve Sep 07 159 views

If I want to become a Cybersecurity Analyst, what should I get my bachelors in?

(Asking for my brother) Should I get my bachelors in computer information sciences, IT, or computer science? I was also considering my bachelors with an undergraduate cybersecurity certificate? Will I get a job if I have this combo?

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gian Sep 07 236 views

how stressful is being a computer and information system manager and whats the best part?

trying to learn more

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Danielle Sep 05 215 views

How to uptain work experience

I am finishing up my degree in information technology soon. But have no work experience in the field. What can I do to get some relevant experiences?

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jul 28 338 views

How common are promotional opportunities in the field of Cyber Security (e.g: promotion wise)

Hello my name is Daniel I am a current Cyber Security prospect and would appreciate information on how consistent or common promotional opportunities are.

Any information helps, Thank you for your time.

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jul 28 239 views

What additional training/certifications/classes should I take to further my career in Cyber Security

Hi my name is Daniel I am a current cyber security prospect, I am looking to build myself, as well as my portfolio in the field and would appreciate any information or tips for a strong lucrative start.

Thank you for your time.