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Career Questions tagged Instate

Payton’s Avatar
Payton Oct 08, 2018 615 views

Is it better to go to a in-state college or an out-of-state college?

I'm wondering if it would be better to stay closer to home or to take a risk and go out of state?
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Jadyn’s Avatar
Jadyn May 09, 2018 468 views

Is it smarter to get scholarships for instate or out of state colleges?

I have offers for scholarships out of state, and even though out of state tuition costs more. Is it better to use the money and get my schooling done there instead of paying for instate. #payingforcollege #needmoney #instate #outofstate

Mariya’s Avatar
Mariya Jan 17, 2018 704 views

Are you bound to a future of low income if your current financial situation limits your college options?

Growing up, I was the daughter of a single mother. Our financial situation could be classified as the grey area between poverty and lower middle class. Now, as I embark onto University life, my parents cannot financially support me. This leaves me choosing between community college and in state...