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Janelle R. Sep 01, 2017 398 views

What is it like to be some sort of architect?

I'm interested in being an architect or an interior designer. I've heard that some people find it difficult. So I'm curious about real peoples experience in the field. I would like a better understanding of what to expect. #architecture #interior-design...


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Katherene O. Apr 14, 2017 441 views

What classes should i pay attention the most in to become a interior designer/decorator?

I am in grade 10 from home this year no parents no help from my outreach school just the internet to help me and its a lot harder than i thought it would be i wanted to try to get grades 10 and 11 done this year and then i got told because of something that happened after school hours i had to...

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Mckenzie H. May 19, 2016 678 views

what would be the best field to study if I am going into Interior Design as a career?

I am 18 living in Utah and asking for suggestions for me as I am going into Interior decor. #business #design #interior-design...


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Mckenzie H. May 19, 2016 720 views

what state would be the best to live in to start a interior design business?

I am 18 and im going to University of San Francisco CA. Im asking this question because i want to know where i should start my career. #interior #designers #interior-designer #interior-decorating...


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Cameo C. Mar 26, 2014 1295 views

Is it ideal to have a background in architecture and focus on being a potential interior designer?

I am a graduating senior with a high interest in design. I love the arts specifically drawing, building and even fashion design. I do not have much experience with either careers but i do plan to explore it in College. I am not sure if the two careers are completely required or which road who...

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