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A job is a task someone receives money for completing. Some people work on different types of jobs on their road to finding a career. For more information, please read...

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robert C. Jul 25
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julio A. Jul 23

What do you like about your job? Whats the hardest part of your job?

My name is Julio Arreola im looking into auto mechanics can you answer my questions please...


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Jared H. Jul 22

What is your typical day like in your job?

My name is jared I was wondering about auto mechanic's...


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Laura S. Jul 22

What motivated you to do your job?

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Xavier G. Jul 22

What benefits do you have in your field? also what do you like about your job?

My name is Xavier and i am interested in going into the welding field and would like some information if you could answer my question that would be great....


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George J. Jul 17

Whats the best way to find out about jobs in this field?

Hello i am in a career training program and am very interested in the welding field. i was curios on how to find out best ways to find out about jobs in welding....


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justin G. Jul 16

what do you think about information security analysts as a job?

i am 16 and i am in this school called jobcorps and we need to find a job we would like to do in are life. and i and wounding if this is a good job. #career...


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Megan M. Jul 16

How do I get hired if I have no job experience? I have animal experience but not at a clinic. How do I put into words that I have the skills needed for the job and I have the experience just not a paid one?

I want to be a vet tech. I am taking a gap year to work and get money before I head off to college( I was enrolled in a college but due to financial issues I need to stay home and work). I need the animal experience and need/ want to work at a clinic. I have no job professional job experience...

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Mariah S. Jul 16

What is it like on a day to day basis of being a auto mechanic?

Hi, my name is Mariah S. I am 20 years old and currently going into trade with Automotive. I was wondering if you guys enjoyed what you do and if it is hard to live working as one. Do you get to see your family a lot or at all and does it pay well enough to support you? I am really into cars...

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klarissa V. Jul 16

what is a typical day like at your job?

would you say a day at work goes by fast or slow?...


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Saul R. Jul 16
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Markez J. Jul 12

How to become a well-paid welder?

I've heard this is a very lucrative job based on location and status. Is this true? #college #career...


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Shanair P. Jul 12
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cavin M. Jul 11
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pouesi J. Jul 11
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Carolina M. Jul 09
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Perla C. Jul 01

How can I obtain training or experience working with animals?

I am going to school for Zoology to become a Zookeeper at the Oregon Zoo. I have been told that obtaining any relevant work with handling animals would look good on my resume. Especially while I am attending school, but I have a full-time job and am going to school full time. How would I be...

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arianna B. Jun 26

whats the most time will i get on the job?

the locations and the times and amount of time on the job...


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eduardo H. Jun 24

What is a day like in your job?

I am a student in job corps training school training for H vac...


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eduardo H. Jun 24

What would you recommend i do at this point to get to this field?

I am a student at job corps a career training program i am training for h vac...