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A job is a task someone receives money for completing. Some people work on different types of jobs on their road to finding a career. For more information, please read...

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Triston T. Jun 17

Where would be a good place for me to find/ get a job in the very near future

I am a dedicated musician, I love machinery, I have my OSHA 10 certification and I am 16. People aren' #job t my strong point but I can work with them if needed, I love being in charge as...

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jason L. Jun 12

do you like your job

did you just look at the wages and decide that was the job you wanted?...


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Tiyeanna W. Jun 12
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Roberto G. Jun 06

What is a typical day like in your job? what are employers looking for in this career (skills, education, experience)? and How do people advance in this field?

My name is Roberto Garcia, and I am interested in the HVAC field. I could use advice from someone who has experience in this career. I would really like to learn more about the HVAC field from someone like you." Thanks for your...


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Anderson A. Jun 05
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alexis L. May 31

whats the most difficult part about having thus job

What problems do you see the most on this job...


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artavous A. May 31

What is the most demanding aspect of your work?

What makes this job worth it?...


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Ana R. May 29

if you have a political science/international relations degree what are the jobs you can do?

to all the political science majors, what are the job opportunities your degree give you? and what are the advantages and disadvantages of your job? thank you:) #political-science #international-relations #degree #college-major...


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Leesean R. May 23

I want to be the best brick layer, what does it take?

im gonna lay the best bricks in Rochester watch ill build your house 😎😀🤘 #brickmason #career #...


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desiree Z. May 22

what is a typical day like in your job?

my name is desiree and I like to learn more then what I already know...


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Maya M. May 17

What is the demand and wages for Brick mason?

are local employers looking for brick layers frequently? how much is the starting pay? can you have a successful career in brick mason? #job #money #career...