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There are multiple different types of law enforcement careers. Police officers, support positions, FBI are the most popular, but there are much more.

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andres C. Jun 24

At what age can i aply to be a custom agent?

currently going to job corps and taking public safety #criminal-justice #law...


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Kristen P. Apr 09, 2018

How often do they hire new forensic scientist?

I want to know how many they hire to know if I actually might have a chance to be hired in the future. #forensic #forensics #police #law-enforcement #science #csi...


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Victor C. Jun 13

Should i stay in the military ( Marine Corps ) or become a police officer/Sheriff?

My plan is to do complete my 4 years in the Marine Corps as 0311 infantrymen then EAS out to become a Police Officer/ Sheriff to benefit my future. On living, paycheck, lifestyle, and family. I was thinking doing this can help me boost my chances to join the Law Enforcement. Don't get me...

#law #law-enforcement #military

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Michal B. Jun 12
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Michal B. Jun 12
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Michal B. Jun 12

What do I have to do to get a Criminal-Justice or Law-Enforcement

Hi I would like to do Law enforcement, what do I need to do to get into it....


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Bianca V. May 28
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Bianca V. May 28
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Dahlia B. May 28
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Salvador R. May 28
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Daniel R. May 28
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Kylie B. May 28
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Galicia P. Apr 17

What Type of Things do you learn if i'm a police explorer?

I'm about to turn 14 and I'm honestly so excited for the future. Can't wait for what it holds for me. #police #police-officer...


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elvia J. May 03

I want to be a crime scene investigator. What are the proper steps to achieve that goal?

can anybody help me w that? where can I get a bachelors degree for that in my area? which colleges have the best programs? what does a day in the life of a CSI look like? #career-counseling, #career, #law-enforcement,...


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Alex V. Apr 17

how many years to be a FBA agent

I want to be abe to say " FBI OPEN UP" and i also waant to be a secret service member. #school...


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Joselin T. Apr 12

how many years to be an FBI agent

i want to know what it takes to become an FBI agent? or study the minds of criminals and i also want to help people #criminal-justice #law-enforcement...


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Galicia P. Oct 16, 2018

Do I have to go to the military for I can be able to detective?

I was wondering if going to the military will help my chances into becoming a detective.Since, to be a detective you have to become a police officer first....


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charles M. Mar 20

what is a day like for a k-9 handler

I really want to become a k-9 handler and want to know more about law enforcement #criminal-justice...