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Michelle A. Jun 01 87 views

What should I do during my high school years to help me get into law school?

As soon as I graduate my dream has always been to go into law. More specifically, to become an immigration lawyer. To go more in depth of what I'm asking is what activities or certain things will look in my resume when applying to a university? #law #lawyer #graduate-school #law-school...


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Brenda C. Mar 18 125 views

Tips for applying to law school

Undergrad in social work with a minor in political science. The goal is to obtain my msw and attending law school later down the road. #lawyer #law-school...


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Galicia G. Feb 02 132 views

What should students take away from law school?

Interested in legal affairs, and wanted additional information! #law #lawyer #law-school #attorney #law-practice...

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Joseph H. Feb 14, 2019 191 views
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Katrina P. Aug 04, 2018 250 views

What are the best tips to know to become an assistant district attorney?

As embarrassing as this is for me to admit, I have no idea what to do past go to a good law school to get a job like this. Is it impossible to become one after graduating from law school recently (like within three years after having graduated from law school)? I assume experience is needed...

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Abby L. Jul 16, 2018 300 views
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emma H. Jul 13, 2018 266 views

what is law school like an how does it work?

do you go to regular college an then law school or just law school ?...


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Rebecca A. Jun 19, 2018 263 views

Should I go to law school?

I am interested in pursuing a career in public policy. A lot of people are telling me I should go to law school, but I don't really have that much interest in actually practicing law; rather, a lot of jobs I am interested in are dominated by former/current lawyers (ex: state legislator). Would...

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Alexis C. May 07, 2018 439 views

What is it like getting out of law school and trying to get a job?

I am interested in becoming a lawyer, and have heard from some that getting a job out of law school is hard. I also am wondering if being a lawyer is actually what I want to do. #lawschool #lawyer #law...


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Davante S. Apr 19, 2018 311 views

What courses are needed to gain a law degree

I am gain information on the also use information on fields used for law degrees #law-practice...