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Career Questions tagged Law School

Faith B.’s Avatar
Faith B. Oct 26, 2019 431 views

I'm currently a high school student and I aspire to become a prosecuting attorney. Are there any things I can/should be doing now to prepare and be more qualified for that position? Any advice on that area is welcome!

I am a ninth grader going to a prestigious college-prep based high school. I aspire to become a prosecuting attorney for a life career and plan on interning with any lawyer as I get closer to high-school graduation. I am researching any actions I can take to further be prepared for either...

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Georgia G.’s Avatar
Georgia G. Oct 16, 2019 217 views

What do yall recommand I take to perpare for both CMA and a lawyer

I am in Job Corps and I and planning on going into CMA (Certified Nursing Assistant) but plan on going to law school to be a lawyer law-school nursing...


Oscar R.’s Avatar
Oscar R. Oct 09, 2019 211 views

Is it possible to graduate law school debt free with fafsa?

How do people graduate law school debt free? Is it with fafsa? #f lawyer...


Cassidy H.’s Avatar
Cassidy H. Oct 04, 2019 572 views

What was the most difficult aspect of law school or becoming a lawyer?

I am a high school senior looking to become a lawyer, and would like some more advice or information about what I should expect. lawyer college law...


Cassidy H.’s Avatar
Cassidy H. Oct 04, 2019 431 views

At what point in your journey to becoming a lawyer did you decide which type of law you wanted to be in?

I know that I would like to be a lawyer, but I'm not sure which type of law. law lawyer...


Abbie E.’s Avatar
Abbie E. Sep 11, 2019 260 views

What do I need to do to become a defense lawyer.

Im in eighth grade and I've been interested in the law system for as long as I can remember, I'm amazing at debate and literature and do believe I can become a lawyer as long as I work hard. Im in eighth grade so I don't yet understand what I need to accomplish this. I don't know about credits,...

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Bnc T.’s Avatar
Bnc T. Aug 17, 2019 305 views

What are reasons for wanting to take law?

Hi! so..I've been thinking hard about WHY exactly I'd want to take law. I was wondering if maybe you could share some of your reasons for deciding to take law, so I can get inspired as to why? law attorney law-school college lawyer...


Julia C.’s Avatar
Julia C. Apr 18, 2019 286 views

How to get into law school in Canada as European?

As I'm graduating high school in Poland I have a hard time to decide where or if even study law. Due to prior research, I decided on Canada(costs and quality). My questions are whether it's a good decision as I want to practice law more globally and do Canadian's schools accept bachelors from...

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Greg B.’s Avatar
Greg B. Jan 30, 2019 296 views

Law School / LSAT

I'm graduating next Dec and have been studying for the LSAT. I've been looking for a group to study with within the Bay Area, and a mentor to just ask questions about law school as a whole. Such as application process, reasonable expectations to acceptance, and a typical class schedule. Its...

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Paula T.’s Avatar
Paula T. Oct 13, 2018 285 views

What should I study for LSATs?

My main goal is to get into law school, though I am slightly unaware as to what to study. Does anyone know what I should focus on? law-school...