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Career Questions tagged Life Experience

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Mar 19, 2021 731 views

What is a "life lesson" you wished to have learned if you had the choice to?

I'm looking for some advice from others, please share if you would like to and if you're looking for advice yourself please read some of the responses from the wonderful people whom have responded! Thanks to all!

#life #life-experience #advice

Ashlyn’s Avatar
Ashlyn May 31, 2018 506 views

How did you all overcome the toughest parts in your life while also keeping your motivation?

As humans, we often go through periods where we feel unmotivated, depressed, anxious, and sad. Those feelings often come through and affect our day-to-day activities. Especially in college or in the workplace. It often affects our performance, and doesn't truly reflect our best efforts. How do...

Noelia’s Avatar
Noelia Jan 13, 2018 487 views

What did your college experience provide you?

What are ways college changed you and/or your point of view on something? Most importantly, did you enjoy college?
#college #college-life #learning #life-experience

Yong Kook’s Avatar
Yong Kook Apr 17, 2017 798 views

How do you study for the LSAT?

I am a third year college student, preparing for the LSAT. #japan #life-experience

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Jan 19, 2017 662 views

What would you recommend to a high schooler debating to go to college?

What are the long-term and short-term pros and cons to college, according to your experience? What would you advise a high schooler who is unsure if college is the correct path? #college #career #highschool #life-experience #undecided

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Dec 10, 2016 637 views

How difficult are the courses in Ivy League schools?

I'm currently enrolled at a community college, and i'm thinking about trying to transfer to one. I'm curious to know how difficult they are so I can prepare myself if I do get accepted to any. #graduate-school #college-professor #life-experience

Bronson’s Avatar
Bronson Oct 20, 2016 631 views

What is "a day" as an underwater welder like? What is the demand in this field? Are there specific companies that are better than most?

I am interested in possibly becoming an underwater welder either in the Navy or for commercial, and I wanted to obtain more knowledge about this career. #life-experience

Bronson’s Avatar
Bronson Oct 20, 2016 517 views

What are the specific tasks and skillsets learned from the manufacturing and mechanical engineering technologies degree?

I am majoring in this degree, so I would like to know more information about what exactly I am going to learn. #life-experience

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan May 24, 2016 682 views

What can I expect in terms of difficulty and experiences in architectural engineering?

I'm starting college next year and plan on going to Architectural Engineering and I would like to know what I'm getting into in terms of difficulty and how I should prepare myself. #engineering #architect #studying-tips #life-experience #work-life