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Each college will have a list of different majors to choose from. The college major will determine the requirements needed to graduate with a degree. For more information, please read...

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Margelle L. Apr 24, 2014 1847 views

I don't know what to major in

I was really thinking of majoring in Voice but I might just minor in it. However I don't know what to major in. Every career test I take tells me to major in Visual Arts :/ I like writing, cheerleading, dance and makeup. I really don't know where that puts me in. If there are any majors that...

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Jesse T. Apr 22, 2014 2311 views

what are some careers that work with animals but don't require a degree from veterinary school?

I love being around animals and I think being a vet sounds like it would be really good for me but I'm not sure I want to spend an extra four years in college and lots of extra money. Any ideas for other careers that might be fulfilling to me? #college #major #veterinarian...


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Jazmyne C. Apr 09, 2014 649 views

What are the steps to becoming a successful guidance counselor ?

Hey I am a junior in the 11th grade and I am interested in counseling high school students and preparing them for college and making there college search and career path search run smoothly since they are helpful with that at my school. I want to know what the steps are to becoming a successful...

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Yocelyn M. Apr 08, 2014 1243 views

What high payed jobs can you find with a major of sociology?

I am currently a senior, going to college soon. I'm going to major in sociology, but I don't know what kinds of jobs can you get with that major. #jobs #major...


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RS P. Mar 13, 2014 1598 views

What majors should I take in college if I want to pursue a medical career?

I want to pursue a career in the medical field and I want to know what majors I should take in college. #doctor #medicine #major #majors #pathologist...


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Martin J. Mar 05, 2014 2008 views

What should I major in if I want to get a career in aviation?

I'm 16 and currently deciding what college I want to go to and what I want to major in, and I have a strong interest in aviation but I can't find a major that would lead me to a career in it. #college #school #major #aviation #pilot...


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Jstewart . Feb 23, 2014 2559 views

What major should I consider if I want to travel?

I am majoring in Business Finance but the I want to change my major because Economics is not my best subject but I do not know what i want to major in. I wanted to be a financial advisory because i want to help people or company finance/ manage money. But If I had another option I would want a...

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Fkeon . May 23, 2012 1180 views

What level of education should i have to be a successful actor?

I am a high school student and i am very interested in musical theatre. i have been active as an actor for four years, but i don't know the most effectice path to becoming the best actor as possible. #major #acting #theatre #musical...


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Bgenesis . May 23, 2012 4383 views

What job opportunities other than acting and teaching are avaliable for people who major in theater?

I am a high school junior who is deeply interested in musical theater. Due to the difficulty in maintaining a steady job within the acting field, i'd like to know about other alternative jobs that are still directly related to theater. #college #jobs #major #acting #actor #theater...