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Career Questions tagged Makeup Artist

Brynn’s Avatar
Brynn Dec 22, 2020 516 views

What jobs include makeup and fashion

Makeup, fashion, styling, designing, clothing

# #makeup-artist #fashion #fashion-design #modeling

Kirstin’s Avatar
Kirstin Apr 12, 2018 640 views

What is the best high quality art school in the world that is not Julliard?

I am a sophomore in high school that is interested in an artistic career that involves makeup, special effects makeup and art in general like painting, drawing and design. I want to attend a top notch art school that will truly lead me to a successful career that makes my artwork noticed in...

Val’s Avatar
Val Mar 21, 2018 537 views

Is having a strong work ethic and be very skilled at time management: would that guarantee me a successful career in cosmetology?

#cosmetology #future #skills #strengths #hair-stylist #hairdressers #makeup-artist #makeup #career

Val’s Avatar
Val Jan 25, 2018 541 views

Does cosmetology come up to talent or education?

I want to become a cosmetology but I wanna know if talent will make or break it.
#cosmetology #makeup-artist #makeup

cindy ’s Avatar
cindy Feb 22, 2017 709 views

what type of school i can go too if i want to be a make-up artist ?

im asking this question because im trying to figure it out before i start working. #cosmetology #cosmetics #makeup-artist

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Feb 15, 2017 638 views

What are some U.S. colleges which have complementary Fashion Design and Cosmetology majors/minors?

I want to know what universities I should attend to gain expertise in both Cosmetology and Fashion Design. #fashion #cosmetology #fashion-design #makeup-artist

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Feb 15, 2017 630 views

How do the apparel and the hair/makeup of a fashion show work together to form a particular aesthetic?

I'm curious as to what it would take to create a cohesive aesthetic for a fashion show if I were to pursue a career in Apparel Design #fashion #cosmetology #fashion-shows #makeup-artist