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Using principals and fundamentals to study the number of topics. Ranging from an economist to system engineer, there are a wide array of careers available. For more information, please read...

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Marissa B. Oct 18, 2015 1070 views

Pros and Cons to Education

I am 19 and trying to decide on a major. I was hoping someone could give me pros and cons to whatever you have experience with? Or any advice you have on making this decision! I've narrowed it down to three. The first is Elementary Education, i am thinking if i choose this i would want to teach...

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Cynthia F. May 26, 2015 1215 views

What's it like being an architect? What's the hardest thing about it? Requirments?

I have a minor interest in architecture but I'm not completely sure about what career I want to go into. I want something that'll be exciting for me and what I would need to become and arcitect. #mathematics #architecture #architect #landscape...


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Darrian B. Apr 26, 2015 672 views

What does a degree in finance get me?

I am debating on whether or not to pursue this major. I am good a math. Is there any other attributes that would be helpful in this field that I need to know of? #mathematics...


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Alexis D. Mar 19, 2015 680 views

If I want to pursue a career as a mathematician, what is the best step to take after I graduate from college?

I am a high school senior who plans on majoring in mathematics in college because I want to be a mathematician. #finance #mathematics #planning...


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Ralph W. Mar 17, 2015 593 views

What majors or classes should I take for using programming, and in what circumstances can I use those skills with the subjects I am passionate in?

I'm very interested in the programming side computers and have already started with websites such as CodeSchool. However, I want to know if there are specific jobs where I can blend programming with others things that I like such as games, biology, or even mathematics. #computer-science...

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Julian C. Feb 24, 2015 1241 views

What typical traits would a person have that might go into business or accounting?

I love math and am really good doing it. I plan to be involved with accounting/business when I attend college, however I do not know which to take and what I should take. Any suggestions would be good. #business #accounting #mathematics...


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Julian C. Feb 24, 2015 1023 views

Could you please explain the differences between Civil, Architectural, and Mechanical Engineering? Also, could you suggest which one I should possibly take?

I consider math as a "specialty" for me and I think that these three areas will be ones that I consider for my career, however I still am struggling on which I should strive for, so any suggestions would be helpful! #mathematics #civil-engineering #engineering...


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Mekhi E. Dec 04, 2014 967 views

What majors should someone interested business analysts look into?

I was wondering what kind of courses should someone interested in business analysts take. #business #money #mathematics #money-management...


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Nicole C. Dec 03, 2014 1762 views

How much math is involved in Computer Science and what do you do on a day to day basis with that profession?

I am a Junior at Boston Latin School and I am really interested in math and definitely find it my strongest subject. I love the problem solving/using formulas and algorithms aspect of it. A lot of people have recommended me to look into Computer Science as well since I love math so much....

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Jacqueline W. Jul 19, 2014 623 views

What kind of careers would be connected with Math and statistics more directly?

I'm a 11th grade student. I'm pretty good at Math and I'm very interested in Statistics. So I really want to know what kind of work I could do that will use statistics?...


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Heidy B. Apr 08, 2014 540 views

What type of careers can you go into if you major in mathematics?

I am a junior in high school and I enjoy mathematics a lot, it's an area that I am strong in and I'm wondering to what extend I can continue to explore mathematics after college. #mathematics...


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Nicholas G. Apr 08, 2014 1703 views

How stressful is studying math in college?

I am interested in studying math in college, but I do not want to constantly being under stress throughout college. I have heard rumors that majoring in math can be extremely stressful. What do you think? What resources would I have in college for assistance?...


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William B. Mar 17, 2014 849 views

What kind of careers would be good for someone that is good in math and has a love of music.

I have been into music for 7 years and I have always enjoyed math in schools. I would like to find a career that incorporates both. #music...


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Augusta I. Dec 26, 2013 778 views
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Augusta I. Dec 26, 2013 1270 views

As a math major what is your career and what are some of your responsibilities?

I would like to get an understanding of the career possibilities for a math major. #career #mathematics #math...