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Career Questions tagged Mechanical Engineer

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Ralph C. Nov 05, 2015 17102 views
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Mackenzie H. Oct 23, 2015 911 views

Should I go to an academy in high school?

I am in 6th grade and getting ready for my future. At the high school I want to go to they have academy's. Should I go to the S.T.E.M. Academy? science engineer teacher math civil-engineering...


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Mackenzie H. Oct 22, 2015 7766 views

What type of engineers make cars or buildings

I am in 6th grade and want to take the early steps to get the job I want in the future, Thanks for the feedback engineering mechanical-engineer...


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DJ S. Aug 03, 2015 2907 views

What is the difference between mechanical engineering and electrical engineering?

I am looking to major in engineering but I'm not sure what field I want to major in. After college I want to be able work with robotics, computers, but also be to build things. electrical-engineering...


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Nathaniel D. Apr 09, 2015 1169 views

What requirements are needed in order to join the Airforce Academy and how is the day-to- day life as a college student there?

Hello, I'am interested in the field of mechanical engineer and I enjoy rollercoasters and being thousands of feet in the air. I'm looking for a college that provides military experience, such as the Airforce, and offers college education. engineering military mechanical-engineer...


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Marcos L. Mar 23, 2015 1162 views

What do mechanical engineers mainly do?

I'm a high school student and I'm considering mechanical engineering as a possible career and I want to know more information. engineering mechanical-engineer...


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Lesly M. Mar 23, 2015 1484 views

What kinds of engineers are there and how do they differ?

I am curious to know the kinds of things that different engineers do, like electrical and mechanical. I am curios to know what they do in general and how their majors differ. science electrical-engineering engineering mechanical-engineer...


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Lemuel O. Mar 18, 2015 2951 views

Should I pursue a Master of Engineering degree after undergrad?

I am currently a senior in high school. I know that I will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering in college. I also know that mechanical engineering is a degree that is extremely broad and can be used to enter many careers. However, I am unsure whether I should earn a master's degree straight...

degrees engineer mechanical-engineer engineering

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Dustin M. Feb 26, 2015 767 views

After going to college is it hard to find a great engineering job that pays well? and are they stable jobs?

I was wondering were the jobs for engineering anything like construction jobs. I ask this because I heard construction jobs are not stable jobs and you could get fired if the sight was closed down. I also wanted to know were engineers well needed jobs in the world because I don't want to study...

architectural architect mechanical-engineer

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Brieanna C. Feb 25, 2015 1533 views

Do you think that Mechanical Engineering would be the best major for me?

I am a junior in high school and I'm pretty sure that I want to major in mechanical engineering but I've been second guessing myself. I love math and it is my best subject, I also like to help people and create new things. I keep wondering if I should change my major or if I will really like...

mechanical-engineering pre-engineering engineer engineering mechanical-engineer

Julian  C.’s Avatar
Julian C. Feb 24, 2015 1207 views

Could you please explain the differences between Civil, Architectural, and Mechanical Engineering? Also, could you suggest which one I should possibly take?

I consider math as a "specialty" for me and I think that these three areas will be ones that I consider for my career, however I still am struggling on which I should strive for, so any suggestions would be helpful! mathematics civil-engineering engineering...


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Sam M. Jan 06, 2015 1401 views

What is a good profesion for me?

I am a 10th grader and I am really interested in Industrial design, and Mechanical engineering. I enjoy solving puzzles and building stuff. I am decent at math and physics and enjoy being active. What is the right job for me? mechanical-engineer industrial-engineering industrial-design...


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Wilmer P. Dec 03, 2014 3558 views

Why do you love Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering?

Im a senior in high school wanting to study Mechanical Engineering and later work in aerospace (the university I'm applying to allows for some deep specialization in aerospace). I'm pretty sure this is really what I want to do so, if you work in either of these fields please tell me why you...

career aerospace-engineering mechanical-engineer nasa

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Lakenzwa L. Mar 26, 2014 1004 views

What programs should I download to help prepare me for engineering?

I'm a Lafayette student of the class of 2018. I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Civil Engineering. engineer mechanical-engineer...


Alfie B.’s Avatar
Alfie B. Mar 26, 2014 12628 views

What should I minor in if I major in mechanical engineering?

I am a high school senior and I am thinking about majoring in mechanical engineering. college engineering career college-major mechanical-engineer...