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Career Questions tagged Mechatronics

Thaddeus’s Avatar
Thaddeus Oct 25, 2022 144 views

Going further in a field of study with no resources?

How do you further in your field if not given the resources to pursue further education?

Melvin Summerville’s Avatar
Melvin Oct 31, 2018 814 views

Are there any engineering/programming jobs that use Arduino?

As a rising mechanical engineering graduate with an interest in programming, I want to know if there's any jobs out there that seriously focus on Arduino, or any kind of mechanical engineering jobs that use any programming languages at all. Thanks! #engineer #engineering #programming #career...

Dylen’s Avatar
Dylen Aug 27, 2018 595 views

What types of companies hire mechatronics engineers?

Mechatronics Engineers in the USA

#mechatronics, #engineering

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Aug 14, 2018 828 views

Mechanical Engineering and Robotics

I'm interested in robotics and currently studying mechanical engineering. From what I see, the new developments in robotics seem to be mainly in control. Electrical and computer science engineers seem to be using AI and improved sensors to make robot movement more precise and intelligent....