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Career Questions tagged Mentoring

Jean-Sébatien L.’s Avatar
Jean-Sébatien L. Jan 29 227 views

Looking for a mentor in the sports industry

I am currently a second year university student in Business Intelligence. My principal fields of interests are communications, analytics and sports management. Thank you mentoring sports marketing analytics communications...


Hydee L.’s Avatar
Hydee L. Nov 02, 2020 255 views

Looking for a mentor to complete school project

I will be working on a capstone project that I need to graduate from high school. I am planning to study actuarial science in university next year. So I am looking for a mentor who is working as a actuary to give suggestions and advice on my capstone project. Actuary mentoring school...

high-school-classes school-counseling

Faye W.’s Avatar
Faye W. Sep 02, 2020 320 views

What are some of the careers I can choose? I'm a PR student but don't want to work in an agency.

My major is public relations and I've worked at a couple of agencies that specialize in PR, digital marketing, and advertising. As I gained industry experiences, I realized that agency work is probably not a good fit for me. I do like the creative, fast-paced, everyday-is-not-the-same part of...

socialjustice job careerpath jobsearch business mentoring consulting publicrelations career careercounseling

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Mar 12, 2019 586 views

What are the steps needed to be a UX designer?

From your experience and journey to a UX designer, what online resources & bootcamps you have used to get where you are right now? Which bootcamps or online learning platforms you would recommend for a person w/o much prior knowledge in coding and programming language? Thank you!...

coaching industryprofessionals userexperience mentoring ux computer technology design computer-science career uxdesign programming computer-software jobs

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Jul 19, 2018 503 views

How long does it take to find your ideal job? (if you've found one)

jobs job-search human-resource undergraduate students-problem advice mentoring job-coaching Pursuing a rewarding career seems to take forever through trials and error. How long does it take to figure out what's the best fit for you? Thanks in...

Daniel C.’s Avatar
Daniel C. Jun 28, 2018 295 views

Mentor for Technical Engineering

How can I be connected to a mentor in the field of Technical Engineering?...


Mia Q.’s Avatar
Mia Q. Apr 29, 2018 500 views

How do you keep people happy in bad conditions?

I am in the marching band at my school. We practice for 6 months in hot South Florida and sometimes people decide to just give up. As a section leader and leader in the band I have a responsibility to keep spirits high when we spend hours outside running around in 100+ degree weather. How do...

mentoring happy inspiration

Christopher N.’s Avatar
Christopher N. Jan 15, 2018 570 views

Who’s life will I change ?

I am asking this because one day I can change someone’s life in a positive or negative way. No one can tell what I will do in the future. But I also would want to ask this question so I can change my wrongs into rights. My life goal is to change and impact someone’s life in a positive way so...

happiness school-counseling counseling mentoring

Mounia M.’s Avatar
Mounia M. Mar 16, 2017 2565 views

What skills do I need to be a good mentor?

I'm curious about becoming a peer mentor to help me gain counseling skills and help me get into the non-profit. volunteering counseling mentoring...


Rohith C.’s Avatar
Rohith C. Aug 13, 2016 683 views

Which majors give the highest return ?

I'm a junior in my high school and I have hopes and desires to earn a lot of money when I am older. I would like to know what majors would give a good return before I finalize what I want to pursue. The majors I am interested in include: Finance, Engineering, Computer Science. money...

statistics future mentoring salary financial-planning college-majors

Angelina P.’s Avatar
Angelina P. May 05, 2017 1747 views

In a medical profession, is it okay to cry in front of your patients and their families?

I'm hoping to become a neonatal nurse someday. I am not especially emotional, but I know that if a baby didn't make it, I might not be able to contain my emotions. So, my question is, is it okay to show your emotions in front of patients and their families? Is it good to do so, to show the...

healthcare medicine professional-training mentoring nursing

Mounia M.’s Avatar
Mounia M. Feb 09, 2017 867 views

What are the best ways to network?

I'm wondering what are the most effective methods of networking? Is volunteering the best or are informational interviews with professionals in my field of choice? I want to gain a network before applying for grad school and find a mentor. graduate-school volunteering networking mentoring...

professional-development professional-training professional-mentoring

Terran  A.’s Avatar
Terran A. Aug 23, 2016 778 views

What does it take to be a successful and productive college student?

I'm preparing for college and I'm just curious about what challenges college throws at you. How can these challenges be avoided. career-counseling college-bound mentoring...


Marcus T.’s Avatar
Marcus T. Aug 18, 2016 950 views

How long would it take me to go into youth ministry- coaching and get enough information to become a part time coach, full time campus life director?

I want to go into youth ministry to teach more kids about jesus, and id also like to become a basketball coach. leadership mentoring coaching youth...


Thomas L.’s Avatar
Thomas L. Jul 21, 2016 927 views

What are some ways I can use my college summers efficiently if I can't get a summer job?

I'm entering my sophomore year in college, and still enjoying my summer. However, I was unable to find myself a steady job this summer (so I've been taking work where I can- moving jobs, pet & house-sitting, yard work, etc..), and have thus been spending all of my free time exercising my...

academic-advising mentoring counseling creative time-management education higher-education e-learning

Matthew W.’s Avatar
Matthew W. Jul 17, 2016 961 views

New business idea in restaurant industry. What are my next steps?

I'm 19 years old. I have no experience in the restaurant industry. Yet I have an idea. I'm going to spare many details so I'm going to get to the questions: Who should I start talking to? When should I start raising capital? Finding investors? General next/ necessary steps? Any input is...

capital business-idea advice restaurants help mentoring entrepreneurship

Matthew W.’s Avatar
Matthew W. Jun 30, 2016 909 views

How to find a mentor in University?

Hi all. Over the past year I have been reading books, watching youtube videos, and talking with various people on the topics of self-development, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. However, I'm missing a mentor figure in my life. How do you recommend finding a mentor, whether it be a professor...

leadership mentoring advice

Vijayalakshmi S.’s Avatar
Vijayalakshmi S. Jun 28, 2016 760 views

Hi. UG or PG Courses which can Help Part time Jobs and easy to manage

Hi. I am Viji. One of my friend from a Lower background wants to study. But due to Financial problem may not able to Continue. If possible to earn money while studying will help her to do her studies. Help her with some courses which pay Good at part time and easy to under go her studies....

professor engineer engineering teaching educator mentoring

Harthisree T.’s Avatar
Harthisree T. Jun 28, 2016 640 views

Hi I am Harth Sree. Some Details about IIT Courses

Hi . Give me some details about IIT. IIT Courses, Ranking, Recognition, Value when compared to others, Placements, IIT in India engineer professor educator it...


Ramya S.’s Avatar
Ramya S. May 07, 2016 762 views

Work profile of a Police and Army? Major risks in both the area.

Hi,I am Ramya. I am studying in 11 std. Would like to know the work profile of a police and army in India. Area of risk in both. educator police military police-officer mentoring army police-academy...


Santhosh Kumar M.’s Avatar
Santhosh Kumar M. Jun 27, 2016 814 views

Hai I am Santhosh. What are the basic Qualities does the recruiter look in at the Time of Campus Interview

Hai. I am Santhosh Doing 9th Std. Basically from a Government should Selected Tamil Medium. What are the basic qualities does the recruiter look in at the time of Campus Selection apart from the Studies(Marks). Does a Tamil Medium student would be selected.I am from India(Tamilnadu) business...

professor mentoring recruiter teaching it educator education

Keerthana U.’s Avatar
Keerthana U. Jun 27, 2016 854 views

Hai. I am Keerthana. Merits and Demerits of starting a new business

Hai. I am Keerthana. Can u Help me about Merits and Demerits of becoming a Business man / Starting a business? What are the areas should be careful when working as a business Man business educator mentoring environment business-idea...


Haripriya M.’s Avatar
Haripriya M. Jun 27, 2016 714 views

Hai I am Haripriya doing my 9th Std . What can I start doing now to ensure I will get a good job when I graduate? or To be selected in a Campus?

Haripriya Doing my 9th std in Govt School from Tamilnadu(India) What can I start doing now to ensure I will get a good job when I complete my graduate? or To be selected in a Campus Interview? professor education educator mentoring training...


Janaranjini T.’s Avatar
Janaranjini T. Jun 27, 2016 688 views

Hi, I am Jana . Work experience gained at IT Field can be done by Working in a Concerns for many Years or Shifting to other concerns with the offers.

Working in a one concerns(IT Field) for many years will gain Work Experience and Knowledge or can shift to other concerns whenever there is an offer. Which is the Best for Product knowledge, experience, Quality output. professor educator software it mentoring...


Mutharasi S.’s Avatar
Mutharasi S. Jun 25, 2016 802 views

Degrees and Job Opportunities in IT Field

Hai. I am Mutharasi. I am interested in IT Field. I have opted Computer Science Group Doing My 11th Std. What are the Degree's which support IT Field and the Job Opportunities in India(Tamil Nadu). Apart From Engineering. Pls Let me know the UG and PG courses of field. professor computer...

mentoring technical it educator education

Ramya K.’s Avatar
Ramya K. Jun 24, 2016 766 views

How many Years to Complete Gynecologist

Hi . I am interested in Doctor. How many year will take to become a gynecologist /Cardiologist. As a girl which is best to select gynecologist or Cardiologist. Which suits me. Both I am Interested. doctor professor educator...


Gokilapriya M.’s Avatar
Gokilapriya M. Jun 24, 2016 658 views

Hai. My sister has done her Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engg. Later she joined For a Job in many concerns. To Do UN What is Best Degree to choose

Hai. My sister has done her Diploma in ECE.. Later she joined For a Job and worked in many concerns. At present she works in Education related company as a trainer. She wants to do UG course in part time for her Higher posting. What Degree to Choose. BA Literature or BSC. Pls help to choose....

professor counselling teaching educator mentoring teacher counseling

keerthana B.’s Avatar
keerthana B. Apr 25, 2016 791 views

Improving professional, Presentation and Life skills?

Hai! iam keerthana . How to improve my Profession, Presentation and life skills. teaching teacher professor education school educator mentoring...


keerthana B.’s Avatar
keerthana B. Apr 26, 2016 948 views

What are the qualification noted in the Campus interview in India?

Hi What are the basic Qualification required which meets in the Campus selection.How to Improve those skills teaching professor educator counseling...


Gnanam Sowindariya M.’s Avatar
Gnanam Sowindariya M. Jun 22, 2016 1506 views

Entrance Cut off marks for a doctor. Studying Doctor in India or abroad which is the Best

Hai. i am Gnanam. I want to become a doctor. Pls tell me the Entrance cut off marks to Join a doctor in India. Studying Doctor in India /abroad which is easy and which is the Best. doctor teaching teacher professor educator counseling...


vijayakumar G.’s Avatar
vijayakumar G. Jun 20, 2016 1449 views

Switching over from Engineer to Police is it easy

Hi,i am vijayakumar. Completing Engineer and switching over police is it possible. Is that easy to prepare myself for police training computer-science educator police-officer mentoring...


vijayakumar G.’s Avatar
vijayakumar G. Jun 18, 2016 613 views

Hai I am doing my th Standard. Interested in Computer Engg. What are the extra courses to be taken before completing 12th Std. Which will be helpful for My engg.

Hi,my ambition is computer engineer. Can u pls help me to take courses offered and which is the best to study before joining the College which helps in my computer Engineering engineer teaching teacher professor educator mentoring...


Sankardhayalan M.’s Avatar
Sankardhayalan M. Apr 22, 2016 893 views

Exams and preparation for IAS !

I am student in 10 standard. What group should i choose in 11 standard to join IAS? What are the exams i should prepare for it college teaching professor educator...


Chanel F.’s Avatar
Chanel F. Jun 16, 2016 941 views

Are taking AP classes and a language in high school better than college?

People have told me you don't even get a lot of credits for AP classes and that they just drop you GPA. Is this true? What option will save me more money? Also, when the high school speech guy talked about what he wished he would do he said that he would take the lanuage four years during high...

professor language-teaching student-counseling mentoring psychology life-coach graduate student

Gloria C.’s Avatar
Gloria C. May 28, 2016 549 views

How should I build a successful college and career plan that will lead me to my ultimate career goal of being an international multi-faceted teacher and mentor?

After earning my degree in education and teaching in the US for a few years, I hope to move to an area such as Kuwait, Qatar, or Dubai (I am currently living in the US) to teach various subjects. I also want to start my own non-profit organization/mentoring program that will focus on developing...

educator education mentoring networking

Vasili S.’s Avatar
Vasili S. May 27, 2016 504 views

Is it harder to find a job in Northeast US?

Potential in the workforce work...


devi U.’s Avatar
devi U. May 19, 2016 769 views

how to become a editor in Newspaper?

i will write good hobby is reading stories and newspapers ... so i am interested in these things Kindly help me in this ... education mentoring and...


Amber C.’s Avatar
Amber C. May 13, 2016 665 views

What is the best idea to take if your dream for the future is not as practical or resourceful as you once believed?

I am asking this question because many people tell me that I may be overthinking the results of my post-secondary choices. I hope to create an inspiring cartoon that will capture attention and or possibly turn it into a film. However, I realize that I may not animation as much as I like the...

parent counselor job-coaching business mentoring teacher graduate student

Fabiola N.’s Avatar
Fabiola N. Jan 20, 2016 732 views

what should take in college as a major to be able to run a cosmetics industry after?

I would like to run a cosmetics industry after finishing college.i am currently taking biochemistry as my major and so,i would like to know if i am on the right path,and what i should do after college in terms of graduate school. thank you business teacher scientist mentoring...


Mellissa Lindsey’s Avatar
Mellissa L. Mar 25, 2015 763 views

How can I keep a work/ life balance within the Counselling/Community services industry?

I am due to start a dual diploma in Counselling and Community services, I am a very people orientated person, however at times I find it hard to "switch off". Due to varying/changing hours in the industry/PCP/Best care etc I'm just interested in the typicals of when/where/how etc people in the...

community-service mentoring disability counselling

Talia K.’s Avatar
Talia K. Jan 08, 2015 619 views

What are some great mentoring programs i can get my high school key club involved in?

i want to make a difference and find a great mentoring program so i can achieve that mentoring...


Farah M.’s Avatar
Farah M. Sep 07, 2014 1057 views

Where can I find mentors, regarding a science research project?

Hello! My name is Farah Mara and I am a high school student who is searching for a mentor who could assist me in my science research project. The thing is, where can I find an individual who is interested in research done by a high school student? science research mentoring...