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Career Questions tagged Museums

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Melissa Apr 27, 2022 248 views

Who hires art directors?

I'm researching the art directors job

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Melissa Apr 27, 2022 205 views

what was your first project as an art director?

I'm researching the art director job

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Melissa Apr 26, 2022 269 views

Where do art directors find jobs?

where are art director jobs most popular, and which state has the most jobs disposable?

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Norah May 25, 2021 442 views

How competitive is the museum curator career field?

Is finding a job as a museum curator difficult because of the competitive career field? Is the job search difficult? Is the job search worth it?
#job-search #curator #museum #museums #art #fine-arts #art-history

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Tiffany May 25, 2018 437 views

What are the prospects of getting a job in the museum field?

#museums #museumstudies

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Elaysha Mar 15, 2018 587 views

Which would be better to work in manuscripts: a degree in Library Sciences or Museum Conservation?

I'm looking at working in manuscript preservation and translation and I'm just not sure what's going to be the best path for me. #manuscripts #Latin #library #museums

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Lauren Mar 12, 2018 852 views

Can you describe the day in the life of a museum curator?

I am a prospective history major wanting to become a museum curator or archivist. I am wondering how life is as a museum curator and what the job is like. #museums #history #career

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Joshua Jan 22, 2018 601 views

Where do you see the field of History ending up in 20 years with the influx of more technology into not only research but displays and relaying information?

I ask because I hope to work in the museum field someday as a curator and with the influx of new technology of course there will be changes in how we research and display new artifacts. #history #museums #museum-collections #educational-technology

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Ashley Dec 08, 2017 769 views

Does having experience outside of your preferred career field do anything to you?

I do not have a lot of experience (job or otherwise) in the field that I am currently pursuing, however I do have experience in areas such as working in a museum, teaching and working in the arts (glass blowing, painting, sewing..). Is there anyway to incorporate those skills in the...

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megan Apr 04, 2017 896 views

I am thinking about double majoring in nonprofit organizations and art history. Is this a good idea?

In the future I would like to eventually work in a museum and or gallery. I would preferably like to work my way up to becoming in charge of a museum or something of that nature. I know most museums now a days are nonprofit so would teaming up majors be a smart decision? All I am for sure of...

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Amanda Jul 19, 2016 962 views

Can volunteer work help in the long run when it comes to a career?

I'm almost out of college and I've been trying to get a summer job with no success. I would like to do something with my time and I've read somewhere that volunteering is great, especially if its related to your degree. For me, I'm majoring in Art and Design and I've already set up applications...

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Tirsana Jul 13, 2016 910 views

What are some common interview questions that one can expect?

As a college student whose looking into job interviews in a couple of years, I really want to familiarize myself to the process. #business #anthropology #museums

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seth Jun 20, 2016 516 views

what job can i get with bachelors in history?

im a sophomore in college and major in history and was looking around to see what jobs i can do right after college. i do plan on becoming a teacher but would like to find a another job to do before i settle into a teaching job.i have look at jobs at museums. #teacher #museums

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Alyssa May 15, 2016 724 views

What types of careers can I obtained with a degree in Anthropology?

I will be graduating in a year, and have no idea what types of jobs are out there. I've done the research. #research #communications #anthropology #museums

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Joshua Mar 24, 2015 889 views

I'm interested in becoming a curator after college and wanted to know if the salary for this specific career is decreasing as years go on or at a constant or increasing.

Just wanted to know. #art #history #museums #curator

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Jazzmin Mar 18, 2015 923 views

What steps would I have to take to become a museum curator?

Hi! I am a high school senior, who plans to major in history. I am very interested in becoming a museum curator, and I am curious as to how to become one. #museums #museum-education

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Jazzmin Mar 18, 2015 2038 views

What does a typical day for a museum curator/manager look like?

Hi! I am a high school senior and I want to major in history in college. I am interested in becoming a museum curator and I am interested in every aspect of the career itself. #history #museums #museum-education