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Career Questions tagged Music

Music can be produced, written, performed, and taught. Music degrees are offered at most colleges. Careers include music teacher, game designer, therapist, and a lot more. For more information,...

Riley T.’s Avatar
Riley T. Oct 01, 2020 209 views

What can I do as a middle schooler (almost high schooler) who wants to be a band director?

I am a middle schooler going into high school soon. I would greatly appreciate advice on band directing and teaching music. Also, a few fun facts : I play flute currently, and one day I would like to learn violin....


Chase B.’s Avatar
Chase B. Sep 29, 2020 215 views

Best first job for somebody with no volunteering experience?

I am 16 years old, I am a junior in highschool, and I'm trying to find a first job. I love making music. Everything about it is just incredibly alluring to me, I love playing instruments, writing instruments, and learning songs as well as writing them. Are there any jobs I could go into for...

first-job jobs musician music

Michael W.’s Avatar
Michael W. Sep 18, 2020 151 views

What are the achievements I have to college?

I love making music. My dreams is to be a rapper....


Lane O.’s Avatar
Lane O. Sep 16, 2020 244 views

What careers could I do that apply with music production and using technology to help me?

Hello my name is Lane I have always liked music and technology and I am wondering where I could get started in the work field for the topics of music and music production and using tech to help me do my job. music music-production...


Emily A.’s Avatar
Emily A. Sep 12, 2020 173 views

Looking for a guitar tech, band manager, etc, job opportunity near me that doesn't involve too much lifting or standing/walking. Help?

I'm physically disabled and can't lift or stand/walk too much. I also don't have a degree or much job experience other than an office. I'm an amateur songwriter though and literally looking for anything that will expose me to music. Paid or unpaid is fine as long as there's an opportunity to...

jobs music

Kurt E.’s Avatar
Kurt E. Jul 16, 2020 301 views

Should I double major in music and microbiology?

I'm a rising senior and I am thinking about becoming a physician assistant. I have been playing french horn since 6th grade and also have a big interest in medicine. The problem is that I am not sure if I should double major in music and mcb or just microbiology. I want to have enough time...

healthcare music doublemajor physicianassistant medicine july20 physician college-major

Stephanie L.’s Avatar
Stephanie L. Jul 26, 2020 405 views

I wanted to start a music career but not sure if I should continue right now

career-counseling career-development career-path music asian I’m from Hong Kong and I want to study undergraduate program in US. Preparing for Toefl and DSE right now. I like music and wanted to make it as my career, but other than that I also want to study one extra subject in college....


Ashton B.’s Avatar
Ashton B. Jul 20, 2020 449 views

How can I choose a profitable career when my interests don’t align with many?

I’m an upcoming senior in high school and I’m starting to seriously consider my future path. My issue is that my interest in the preforming and fine arts outweighs much of anything else, and From what I know those Aren’t fields that often get paid very much. I enjoy designing and drafting so I...

career-choice stuck arts music confused architecture starvingartist help decisions psychology profitable money graphicdesign career

Huraima R.’s Avatar
Huraima R. Jul 09, 2020 274 views

Is it okay to be a doctor and also a singer or to do sound engineering and singing?

I am from that part of a world where girls are not allowed to join outdoor activity and I am also a muslim I didn't t like my society that much and their perspective I have like another perspective from my whole family and society . They say that you should do doctoring but I want to do singing...

student high-school music

Lillian H.’s Avatar
Lillian H. Jun 05, 2020 327 views

I am planning to be an Acoustic Engineer in the future, so I can use both of my music, math, and science skills. What is/are the best major(s) for this field?

I am a rising junior and as of now, I am planning to major in Physics in college. I am wondering if this would be good for the career. career science engineering music...


Ishmeal D.’s Avatar
Ishmeal D. Jun 02, 2020 417 views

How can I be a musician?

I also love music and sometimes i just wished that i'd put all my real life experiences into a song which the world can listen to and i believe that many people can relate and be courageous.I love Photography and...


Jennifer P.’s Avatar
Jennifer P. May 30, 2020 274 views

1) If you do something you love for a living, like writing or playing you r instrument, do you ever get sick of what you love? Does it become a chore rather than a hobby? 2) As an English teacher, what are some hardships you had to face in your career?

I am a future English teacher for secondary education! I have a unique case, I am also majoring in Music at the same. I am an avid piano player and an English book nerd....


Marie H.’s Avatar
Marie H. May 29, 2020 438 views

Could I make my passion my career?

Ok so I am currently 16 and I have always loved music and had a secret dream become a singer but only to preform, not to become famous or anything. Anyways over the years my thoughts about music have been taken over by school but when I was 14 I discovered Broadway, and my passion is stronger...

art music future career

Andrew B.’s Avatar
Andrew B. May 13, 2020 371 views

How to find vacancies in Teacher Training assistance?

Musician and Performer, professional of over 30 years. music teacher teaching...


Andrameda C.’s Avatar
Andrameda C. Apr 12, 2020 246 views

How can I make it to the Billboard top 100 with a album that has been discussed already via social media?

I am a musician that loves to make Jazz music. I am also a fashionista and an array of artist abilities that I focus in. I love exercising and being in my own place with my man. music music-industry sports singing...


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Kyra C. Apr 04, 2019 459 views
Samuel M.’s Avatar
Samuel M. Mar 17, 2020 275 views
Kristian B.’s Avatar
Kristian B. Mar 07, 2020 301 views

What is like working as a music producer

Hallo my name is Kristian and I want to be a music producer music-production music-industry music-education...


Nobody I.’s Avatar
Nobody I. Dec 09, 2019 297 views

What job would be the most fulfilling for me?

I like plants, animals, space exploration, and music. music job space singer animals...


Deaunte´ B.’s Avatar
Deaunte´ B. Nov 15, 2019 228 views

What should do if i want to be a youtuber and twitch streamer

I am a nice person. I like sports and music.Plus youtube and twitch. I like to help people. I am a cancer zodiac sign. sports music...


Hazel K.’s Avatar
Hazel K. Nov 15, 2019 208 views

How many hours will i work?

I'm in the 7th grade and i enjoy volleyball, animals, music, and babysitting animals music...


steven P.’s Avatar
steven P. Nov 14, 2019 237 views

what are the classes are needed to become a music teacher?

I'm in 11th grade, and I thought about teaching or something 🤷‍♂️ teaching music...


Garrett N.’s Avatar
Garrett N. Nov 14, 2019 246 views

What route do I take for an audio career?

I'm a junior in high school and I love music and quality audio equipment. I'm interested in audio equipment like learning about drivers in headphones. I want to get into a career involving creating and tuning drivers and headphones and earphones. I've spent a lot of time researching and getting...

music headphones audio iems earphones

steven P.’s Avatar
steven P. Nov 14, 2019 222 views

what is the better colleges to attend music wise in Michigan?

I'm in 11th grade, and want to do something with music composition, playing, ect. Dunno what though. Oh no🤷‍♂️ music college...