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Career Questions tagged Navy Seal

stevee’s Avatar
stevee Aug 17, 2022 202 views

how much education does the us navy require to join

From other information i have researched you can join with a ged but do they require you attend college while you serve or before also will they be giving you residency while you serve if you decide to start a family?

Brady’s Avatar
Brady Jan 03, 2018 693 views

If I want to be a navy seal what course is good for me

I want to be a navy seal.
#navy-seal #military #military-service #navy

Keffim’s Avatar
Keffim Apr 09, 2015 1173 views

I want to be a Navy SEAL, what do I do to become one?

Right now I'm 16 and get average grades. But when I leave high school, I want to become a SEAL, so I can defend my country. #navy #navy-seal