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Career Questions tagged Nuclear Engineering

Edmund’s Avatar
Edmund Nov 10, 2022 233 views

What’s the best way to get into the nuclear physics field?

I have always been interested in nuclear physics, and I was wondering how best to enter the field, whether through an internship, basic career entry, or post-doc.

cheyenne’s Avatar
cheyenne Apr 28, 2022 264 views

How dangerous is the career of being a Nuclear engineer?. How much school was required.?

I need to know so i can know how many years i will be school for and if training is needed. Also, what is the income and positive outcome of the job.

Jacky’s Avatar
Jacky Sep 28, 2021 542 views

What are the requirements to be a nuclear engineer?

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Jacky’s Avatar
Jacky Sep 28, 2021 291 views

What are the benefits to be a nuclear engineer?

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Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jan 26, 2018 795 views

Is there a growing demand for nuclear engineers?

#engineering #nuclear-engineering

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jan 26, 2018 608 views

. As I am only in 10th grade, what courses should i take in high school if I am looking to go into nuclear engineering.

#engineering #nuclear-engineering

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jan 26, 2018 424 views

I am thinking about Nuclear Engineering as my major in college. As I am only in 10th grade, what courses should i take in High School

#engineering #nuclear-engineering

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Jan 16, 2018 494 views

What is working as a ET Nuke like?

I’ve really been looking into going into the Navy and trying to become a Electrical Technician in the Nuclear field after graduating college and was just wondering if anyone had experience working in or with someone in that field.

#military #nuclear-engineering

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Oct 30, 2016 629 views

What job opportunities are available to nuclear engineers?

I'm interested in studying nuclear engineering because (with my limited knowledge) it seems to me to be a great alternative to fossil fuel and nonrenewable energy resources when handled safely, but I feel as though the job market for nuclear engineers is small and there's a very specific niche...

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Oct 30, 2016 860 views

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a future female engineer?

I am very interested in an engineering career and I want to know some great advice for a female in this industry. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #aerospace-engineering #chemical-engineering #industrial-engineering #nuclear-engineering

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Oct 30, 2016 804 views

What is the best way to figure out which kind of engineering to go into?

I know I want to pursue a career in engineering, I'm just not sure which one is right for me and don't know the best ways to figure out which one I'd be most successful in. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #civil-engineering #electrical-engineering #aerospace-engineering...

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Oct 26, 2016 870 views

How did you become an Engineer?

In more detail, I would like to know what degree you were going for and why it interests you, as well as how much scholarship money you received and how you got it. I would also like to know if being an Engineer is worth carrying a bunch of stress. One more thing, if you could redo things in...

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany May 26, 2016 702 views

How relevant is a French degree in the US?

I will be studying in France but returning to the US #research #nuclear-engineering

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany May 26, 2016 538 views

What kind of nuclear waste research is funded in the US?

I am a nuclear engineering graduate student seeking to do research #research #nuclear-engineering #nuclear-science

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail May 12, 2016 3846 views

Why is being creative important for engineers?

Hey everyone! I am a current high school sophomore and I am considering becoming an engineer. I'm considering civil engineering, software engineering and nuclear engineering. I have a STEM club at my school, and this is something we were going to talk about in one of our meetings, but our time...