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Taryn H. Jan 28 121 views

What is the daily routine for a pastry chef?

I don’t know much about pastry chefs and I am wondering what pastry chefs do in their daily routine #pastry-chef #chef #culinary-arts...


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Taryn H. Jan 28 77 views

How do you become a pastry chef?

Along with my interest in baking I am curious about being a pastry chef and wondered how does someone become a pastry chef #chef #pastry-chef...


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Eliah J. Feb 08, 2017 639 views

Where is the best place to go to college for being a pastry chef?

I want to become a pastry chef but I don't know where to go to college I would love your advice. #chef #pastry-chef #culinary #culinary-skills #culinary-management #culinary-arts...


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Diamond Y. Aug 30, 2017 337 views

What is the most direct path to become a pastry chef?

Hello I'm Diamond, a KIPP Renaissance High School senior considering a career in pastry chef. I want to learn more about what life is life as a pastry chef. I'm am interested in the path you took to get to your position as a pastry chef and what your typical day looks like. #pastry-chef...