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Deasia S. May 05, 2016 1820 views
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amanda M. Sep 01, 2017 203 views

What is the biggest struggle when doing pediatric nursing?

I am currently a nursing student about to go into my second to last class for nursing and I am doing my pediatric rotation as well as OB. I am really nervous about pediatrics since I have not had much experience with sick children, but I am excited to start. If there is anything you can give me...

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Kailani P. Oct 23, 2016 528 views

What is the starting salary for a pediatrician in the state of Alabama?

I am asking my question because this is the career field I am pursuing when I go to college next fall . #doctor #nursing #pediatrics #dentistry #pediatric-nursing #gynocologist...


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Joshua F. Oct 29, 2016 410 views

What is the best way to maintain your money usage in college? After College Graduation Where should I start applying for jobs?

After College I want to be able to get a job that starts at a decent annual salary and start paying off my college debt. My Parents Recent House Hold Income is about $34 to $35,000. I want to be smart at stabilizing my money usage during college so when I graduate college I want to be able to...

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Crystal G. May 22, 2016 462 views

Best study strategies in Nursing School?

I do not have the best study strategies currently, but they have gotten me this far. I will be attending nursing school this fall for the ADN program. I will pursue a BSN, and eventually would like to pursue a degree in Nurse Midwifery. What are some of the best study strategies that worked for...

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Jasmine G. May 27, 2016 320 views

Can I decide on being a travel nurse and then when I'm ready to settle down, change to pediatric nursing?

I want to be able to travel the world and also be able to work at the same time. #medicine #nursing #nurse #healthcare #pediatrics #pediatric-nursing...


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Jacquelyn P. May 19, 2016 587 views

What are the job descriptions of a pedestrian and a pediatric nurse?

I keep going back and forth over whether I should be a pediatrician or a pediatric nurse. #doctor #nurse #healthcare #pediatrician #pediatric-nursing...


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Zaret L. Apr 18, 2017 458 views

On average how many years of schooling does it take to become a neonatal nurse ?

I am currently a freshman at a community college and am thinking about switching my major to become a neonatal nurse. However I am skeptical about it because of the fact that I am currently pregnant and I'm not sure that I would make it through. #nursing #registered-nurses #pediatric-nursing...


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eboni J. Mar 22, 2017 419 views

what are some good colleges for a pediatrician/ nurse?

Because I want to get a head start on looking for colleges....


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maria R. Mar 22, 2017 517 views

Are there different requirements to be a pediatric nurse instead of a general nurse?

Im interested in being a nurse yet i really would love to be a pediatric nurse and i just want to know if there are other requirement or classes ill need to take. #doctor #medicine #nursing #nurse #pediatrics #surgery #pediatric-nursing...


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maria R. Mar 08, 2017 266 views

should i go to college for nursing and then go back to be a pediatrician or should i just go in straight and study for peds ?

I want to be a pediatrician but i'm scared ill only be good enough for nursing. I don't wanna mess up. #doctor #nursing #pediatrician #surgeon...


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Arlenna D. Feb 17, 2017 668 views

How long does it take to become a neonatal nurse

I am wondering because I would like to become a neonatal nurse....


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Malik P. Feb 15, 2017 382 views

what is the best school to go to in oder to be a pediatrician

I need some good schools...


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De'Asia S. Feb 10, 2017 346 views

What are some classes I need to take to become a pediatrician

What are some classes #college...


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De'Asia S. Feb 10, 2017 995 views

What are the benefits of being a pediatrician?

What are some of the benefits and how would some of these help me #pediatrician #pediatric-nursing #children #working-with-children...


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Nyquasha D. Feb 09, 2017 744 views
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What's the yearly income of a pediatrician?

I want to become a pediatrician so I would like to know what they make a year. #pediatrics #pediatrician #pediatric-nursing...


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Angelina P. Jan 25, 2017 1193 views

What is the best part of being a Pediatric Nurse?

Hey! I am hoping to become a Pediatric Nurse someday, and I was wondering what the best part of being a Pediatric Nurse is? What is the worst part? Or the hardest part? Thanks for your help! I appreciate it! #nursing #medical #nurse #healthcare #pediatrics...


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Angelina P. Jan 25, 2017 690 views

I am hoping to become a Neo-natal nurse. Is it worth it?

Hey! I am super interested in becoming a Neonatal nurse, but everyone I talk to about it says how emotionally challenging it is, how stressful it is, and how only certain people will ever be able to do it. I was wondering, how do you know if you "have what it takes" to be a Neonatal nurse? If...

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Kylee D. Jan 09, 2017 340 views

What would it take for you to change to another major if you were unhappy with the one you chose?

I am asking this question because If I was unhappy with it I could change to another major. #pediatrician...


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What is the best educational and cost efficient route for nursing?

I've been told to start out with my associates and get my RN, and then later explore an RN to BSN program. But I've also been told going to school for the two years to get my RN instead of getting my BSN right away would be a foolish mistake, and I would never find a job. What route should I...

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abril V. Oct 27, 2016 758 views
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What is the hardest part you had to over come to becoming a successful nurse?

College is really intimating to incoming freshman like me. I would like to know what was the most difficult lesson taught, so I can really be prepared! #nursing...


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How is a every day life of a Pediatric Nurse & is there any cons to always keep in mind?

My dream has always been to be a pediatric nurse, however I always have to be open minded in the bad that can come with it. My question is for me to understand not only the good but also what more there is to the other side of the story....


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Angie R. Oct 26, 2016 420 views

What does it take to be a pediatric nurse?

I want to be a nurse, I love kids and infants, but what does it take to become a pediatric nurse? Do I have to be an RN? #nursing #registered-nurses #pediatrics...