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Athena P. May 25, 2016 496 views
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Katia D. Jan 29, 2017 2651 views

What is the difference between pharmacology and a pharmacist's degree?

I'm thinking about joining the pharmaceutical field, but I'm not sure about which specific job I should pursue. #pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #pharmaceutical-industry...


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Tia M. May 11, 2016 2848 views

Is Pharmacy a competitive job market? How competitive?

I plan on pursuing a career in Pharmacy and just want to know if the pharmaceutical field is competitive and to what degree. It is not that I think it may be too rigorous for me; I know I am capable. If anything, more rigor will only make me more humble and determined to succeed. My questions...

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Steven A. Aug 11, 2018 262 views

How hard is it to be Pharmacist?

I am attending college in less than a month and I'm majoring in Pharmacy. Is it hard? Is there any advice for me inorder for me to succeed. #chemistry #pharmacy #pharmacist #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals...


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Katia D. Mar 19, 2017 584 views

What does someone in pharmaceuticals do on a daily basis?

I'm interested in pursuing a career in pharmaceuticals, but I'm not sure what their day-to-day tasks look like. #pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals #pharmaceutical-industry #clinical-pharmacy...


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Jermaine W. Oct 26, 2016 447 views

Are you able to work towards college of pharmacy credits while in school for your bachelor's?

I am asking because I would like to be a pharmacist, and I know that there is a lot of schooling involved. I was wondering because I heard of pre-pharmacy tracks that could be done while getting your bachelor's. #college-major #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals...


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Laura W. May 23, 2018 204 views

Which companies are the best to work for as a Pharmacist?

I am currently a pharmacy tech and I am going back to school to become a pharmacist. I am also a single mother so flexibility in schedule is important to me? Which companies offer the best benefits and salary with flexibility in schedule? #pharmacy #pharmacists #benefits #flexibility...


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Abigail G. May 22, 2016 611 views

Will being a certified pharmacy technician help me know if i would do well in pharmacy school?

I am currently in school to be a pharmacy tech and I'm trying to decide if I want to go to pharmacy school #pharmacy...


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Ruby L. May 14, 2018 281 views

Best pre-college volunteer options for aspiring pharmacists?

What can I do to volunteer in high school if possible and what school is best for this career option? I want my application to be as strong as possible for med school, and that includes any experience I can get before applying for colleges, but I don't know where I'd start, how I can do it and...

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Ruby L. May 12, 2018 335 views

What high school / college courses are best for people wanting to go into Pharmaceuticals?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on which high school and or college courses could be best for me to take if I wanted to go into a career in pharmaceuticals, as next year I begin high school and want to make my chances as high as possible for getting into a good school...

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Krystal N. Aug 19, 2016 457 views

Which career pharmacist , nurse practitioner, physician assistant , and nurse anesthetist will be high demand high pay in the future?

I'm thinking between pharmacist , nurse practitioner, physician assistant , and nurse anesthetist career options that will fit my lifestyle but I don't know which career will be in high demand . #nurse #job-search #pharmacists #job-market #choosing-a-major...


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Ting G. Apr 12, 2018 186 views

How do you conquer your weakest subject in school crucial to your interested majors ?

I have always struggled with Math. Since elementary until my sophomore so far, math has never clicked with me. I tried tutors. However, it just doesn't work. I need to improve in math to become a pharmacist as they require crucial ground in math and chemistry. #struggleisreal...


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Tia M. May 11, 2016 529 views

How many additional years of schooling does one have to undergo to become a Pharmacist?

I am considering becoming a Pharmacist and would like to know how many years are required of me to attend school following my obtainment of a Bachelor's degree. #biology #pharmacy #pharmacists #clinical-pharmacy #retail-pharmacy...


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Israt A. Oct 30, 2016 383 views

Are the golden days of pharmacy really over?

I've been interested in becoming a pharmacist for some time now, mostly based on my interest on Chemistry and help/communicating with others. However, there is a stigma forming about this career-- about how its "golden days" are over and it's not worth the effort, How accurate is this?...

#retail-pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmacy

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Kris M. Feb 08, 2017 286 views

Is being a doctor fun or not?

What you love or the fun about this job? #pharmacists #medicine...


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Megan G. Oct 30, 2016 426 views

Which do you find better when it comes to the pharmacy world, working in a research lab or a pharmacy in a drug store/hospital?

I have been accepted into a pre-pharmacy program and I am hoping to finish school with a Pharm-D. I feel that a research lab will be better for me because I want to help in finding things like the cure to cancer or the cure to Alzheimer's and I believe that the cure is in medicine. I want to...

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Samantha L. Oct 19, 2016 552 views

What are the main differences between a retail-pharamacist and a clinical-pharamacist?

I am interested in participating in the pharmaceutical field one day and was wondering if it would be better to work as a pharmacist in retail or clinic. #pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #pharmaceutical-industry #clinical-pharmacy...


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Sharlene M. Aug 01, 2016 554 views

For someone who might become a pharmacist at some point could they start off with a bachelors in biology, or do they need to have a bachelors in biochemistry or macrobiology?

I am a rising sophomore in college and I may want to become a pharmacist at some point but I am currently unsure. Should I go for a biology major or should I aim for a biochemistry or macrobiology major? #pharmacy #pharmacists...


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Natalie Y. Jul 03, 2015 693 views

What can I do to help myself become a pharmacis?

i am a junior in high school. What can I do right now to start preparing myself for becoming a pharmacist? What should I focus on? What are the steps after I graduate? #medicine...


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Yogeshwari S. May 12, 2016 580 views

Are there promising jobs after completing M.pharm? And is there more future in research or pharmaceutical company ?

I am doing my F.Y.B.Pharm now. I wanted to know the job opportunities is this field of pharmy. #pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmacist...


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Quynh Chau D. Oct 09, 2017 510 views

How did you prepare for Pharmacy schools, especially for the PCAT test?

I am a Chemistry major student and am interested in Pharmacy schools. I would like to find out which courses you take for pre-pharmacy and how you have prepared for the PCAT. #pcat #pharmacist #pharmacy #graduate-school #professional-training...


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Joelle B. May 12, 2016 549 views

For someone wanting to pursue a career in pharmacy, is it more beneficial to attend undergraduate school for two years and go straight to pharmacy school, or complete the whole undergraduate program and then go to pharmacy school?

I have wanted to become a pharmacist for as long as I could remember, it runs in the family. But back then, it was much easier to become a pharmacist and I am now wondering what the most efficient way is to reach my goal. #pharmacy #pharmacists #clinical-pharmacy...


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Alexa D. May 24, 2016 437 views

Will pharmacists get prescribing rights?

The prescribing rights have increased for both physician assistants and for nurses in the hospital setting. Today, pharmacists are still mostly confined to the pharmacy, and there are less pharmacists that are going from room to room and checking on patients. I believe that this will most...

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Emon D. May 21, 2016 400 views

As a chemistry major, what would be the best internships to aquire as a future pharmacist?

I am currently in school to obtain a bachelor's in chemistry. I plan on studying pharmacy in graduate school, and I would love more insight on my future endevours. #medicine #pre-med #chemistry #pharmacy...


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Amber H. Sep 01, 2017 493 views

What is the best way to plan my college schedule if I want to become a pharmacist?

I am asking this because I would love to become a pharmacist. I would like to know what classes that would help prepare me the best for my future classes. #pharmaceuticals #pharmacy #pharmacist #pharmacists #medicine...


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Arielle O. May 16, 2016 443 views

What are some ways to stand out during college applications?

I'm a high school freshman, and I want to know what are some things I should get involved in. Especially, if I'm planning to major in Pharmacy. #college #pharmacy #pharmacists...


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Alvin E. Dec 02, 2016 551 views

What is the good path to follow to be a pharmacist?

Hello! I'm a student about to having is associated degree of science this fall. I would like to pursue a career in pharmacy. I've been told a lot but I want the advices of professional or maybe the experience of a professional. Thank you #graduate-school #pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals...


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Jazmyne J. May 25, 2016 492 views

Is there a minimum number of C's that I can make in the science requirements and still be competitive when applying to pharmacy school?

I am going to be a junior in college in the school year 2016-2017, and I want to be realistic of what opportunities I definitely can pursue. I am at a quality academic college and I have a couple of C's. I am very interested in this field and I plan on volunteering with a pharmacist in a few...

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