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Career Questions tagged Physician

Tiffany S.’s Avatar
Tiffany S. Oct 31, 2016 645 views

To Become a Forensic Pathologist, do I Need to Have Lots of Medical Experience Beforehand?

I have been wanting to be a forensic pathologist ever since I entered the 6th grade. I understand that I need eight years of schooling and about 3-5 years doing residential work. However, does that mean work as a doctor for 3 to 5 years then finally become a forensic pathologist? That has...

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Genesis V.’s Avatar
Genesis V. Oct 28, 2016 797 views

How did you decide on what you wanted to be?

I know I want to study something in the medical field, but I am still very indecisive. Sometimes I think of other careers to focus on but I'm not sure. I need advice on how to choose. I would like to know how a professional decided her/his career. medicine physician photography...

physical-therapy medical-education chemicals chemical-engineering pharmaceuticals

Cheska H.’s Avatar
Cheska H. Oct 25, 2016 612 views

Stay in State or Abroad?

I only have family in Nevada and this is making me not study abroad because of our financial issues were currently dealing. If you were me, what would you choose? I would like to be a Physician Assistant or to be a dental hygienist and I don't know what would be the best choice. psychology...

physician public-health dentistry japan dental-hygienist psychotherapy healthcare

Cheska H.’s Avatar
Cheska H. Oct 25, 2016 1875 views

Should I go for Physician Assistant or to be a Dental Hygienist

I am going for a bachelors degree but I am debating on which one to take. What do you think would be the best choice to a successful future? My heart is leaning more towards Dental Hygienist, however, in the state I currently live in, they do not have enough clinics for dental hygienist so the...

physician dentistry nursing dental-hygiene japan dental-hygienist psychology physicians-assistant healthcare

Allison T.’s Avatar
Allison T. Oct 22, 2016 666 views

Do you find the hands-on care of a physical therapist or the executive responsibility of a physician to be more rewarding?

I'm interested in becoming a physical therapist or a physician, specifically a PM&R (Physical Medicine and Rehab doctor). I've heard that physical therapy is one of the most rewarding occupations, but some say it can become monotonous. I've heard that being a doctor also rewarding, but a...

physician physical-therapist physical-therapy pmnr medicine doctor

Michael  K.’s Avatar
Michael K. Oct 19, 2016 478 views

Is getting into a Physician Assistant Program competitive? How Competitive?

I am asking because I would like to become a P.A physician...


Fiona R.’s Avatar
Fiona R. Oct 19, 2016 1143 views

What is the difference between a physicians assistant and a nurse practitioner?

From my research, I have not been able to find too much that sets these professions apart from one another. For one job, is there more schooling? Or a certain set of skills that one dominates in more so? medicine nursing healthcare health physician...


Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Sep 24, 2016 846 views

How do you enjoy life as a premed?

I really hate all the restrictions I have on myself as a premed. Basically all the things I did to get into college (fancy extracurriculars, stellar grades, 20+ applications, standardized testing, etc.) I have to do again to get into med school- but with a job on top of it. And I'm majoring in...

physician medical-school pre-med college medicine med-school pre-medicine doctor

Ashley B.’s Avatar
Ashley B. Aug 17, 2016 824 views

Would it be smart to be a physician's assistant rather than a physician?

I would really like to go into the medical field. I would love to be a physician. However, I was wondering if perhaps being a physician's assistant was a better option. It would be less schooling, which would cost less money. medicine school physician...


Oliver E.’s Avatar
Oliver E. Jul 19, 2016 666 views

What are medical school committees looking for in an applicant (research experience, extracurricular/volunteer activities, grade point average,...)?

I am a research postdoc fellow in life sciences. I was recently asked how to get accepted to medical school. This is not really in my field so I figured I should share this question. Hope the answers will be helpful to any student going through the selection process. doctor medicine...

physician medical-school medical-education

PENELOPE mgr F.’s Avatar
PENELOPE mgr F. Jun 24, 2016 476 views

Recently, i studied an article in newspaper displaying a car named "Strati". I impressed when continued to read the article because it was a world's first 3D printed car. Please tell me more about 3D printing?

That article was really fascinated me. I want to achieve something on that field. For that, I want to know more about it. Please, guide me. physician scientist...


Gnanam Sowindariya M.’s Avatar
Gnanam Sowindariya M. Jun 22, 2016 648 views

Do we have a good scope Physiotherapist in India

Hai I am Gnanam. Do we have scope to do Physiotherapist in India. doctor career teacher physician training...


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Thomas C. Jun 22, 2016 489 views
Andrea Rachel M.’s Avatar
Andrea Rachel M. Jun 22, 2016 425 views

What is a normal day for a nursing job like?

I'm very interested in becoming a nurse and I'd like to know if I am able to handle the job. I love talking to new people and I can work well with children. I would love to be able to help people whenever I can. I like learning about physiology and biology. My parents are nurses too and I would...

physician physiology pediatric-nursing nursing biology

Faizan U.’s Avatar
Faizan U. Jun 22, 2016 454 views
Catterina G.’s Avatar
Catterina G. Jun 20, 2016 725 views

What is it like as a physician assistant?

I'm very interested in pursuing a career in the medical field originally as a physician in the hospital, but many people have told me that it's not worth going to medical school for such a long time, and to become a physician assistant instead. They listed a lot of reasons like having better...

physician medicine doctor

Brittany W.’s Avatar
Brittany W. May 28, 2016 2259 views

Can you have a career as a Physician Assistant outside the United States?

I am a Biology Major, currently attending Florida Atlantic University. I plan to attend a PA program after I graduate college. I would like to work in a developing country, ideally somewhere in Africa. I was recommended to join the Peace Corps, however, I know little about it. Any thoughts?...

physician jobs medical-assisting peace-corps physicians-assistant

Brittany W.’s Avatar
Brittany W. May 28, 2016 870 views

How do I become a Physician Assistant in the Navy?

Does the Navy have PA programs? Or do you join the Navy after graduating from a PA program? I am still in college and was just wondering what options I might have with a career as a Physician Assistant. college medicine pre-med physician physicians-assistant...


roniah H.’s Avatar
roniah H. May 26, 2016 572 views

What would be the best option; becoming a surgical technician first, then becoming an emergency physician's assistant or vice versa?

Im really stuck on either being surg tech or an emergnecy PA and after weighing my options i dont know which to choose from pre-med physician emergency-medicine...


Madeline K.’s Avatar
Madeline K. May 24, 2016 500 views

What's a good medical/health career for someone who's a tad squeamish?

I want to go into a medical career. I'm not great around blood, but I don't mind needles. doctor medicine health physician...


Sky R.’s Avatar
Sky R. May 24, 2016 584 views

What is the best major choice to become a doctor

I recently needed to decide to major in biology or chemistry medicine...


Sky R.’s Avatar
Sky R. May 24, 2016 429 views

How do i know i will be good at my career choice

I am 17 years old and I would like to become a doctor, I'm asking this question because I would like to know if I have what it takes to achieve this. medicine biology...


Vanden G.’s Avatar
Vanden G. May 22, 2016 416 views

What studying methods/practices would you suggest for an undergraduate student to develop before medical school?

I'm a high school senior who will be persuing an undergraduate degree in pre-med, then plan to go to medical school and into the field of radiology. doctor physician...


Samantha H.’s Avatar
Samantha H. May 22, 2016 571 views

Did you ever doubt your ability to become a doctor?

I've always dreamed of being a doctor, I have been working towards this goal for many years now. But, now that I am getting closer to the goal, it feels like it is slipping farther and farther away. So, I was just wondering, have there been similar doubts in the minds of current doctors? If so,...

physician doubt medicine confidence doctor

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Chase B. May 20, 2016 478 views

What would be the best space career field to go into?

It's always been an interest to me. I've always wanted to do something with space. college science math physician physics colleges scientist...


Chase B.’s Avatar
Chase B. May 20, 2016 535 views
Cecelia J.’s Avatar
Cecelia J. May 19, 2016 521 views

How much schooling would I need to become a Physicians Assistant?

I believe there is four years of pre-med, I just was wondering what would come after that. medicine pre-med...