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Pre-Med is a term used for undergraduate college students who are on track to go to medical school. Popular medical doctor careers include a pediatrician, surgeon, and anesthesiologist. Please read...

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Anthony B. Mar 17, 2015 504 views

Is it fine to pursue a degree outside of medicine if you want to have a career in medicine?

My name is Anthony, and I am a senior in high school. I initially thought I wanted to study biomedical engineering because most of the courses fulfill medical school requirement, but now, I have found other majors that peak my interests, such as Biological Sciences, Anthropology and Africana...

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Alberto F. Feb 27, 2015 880 views

What are the steps to follow to become a neurologist (college, medical school, residency, etc.)?

I want to be a neurologist or a pathologist, both of which require time and I want to know what are the steps to become one and possibly what majors will better help me fulfill my requirements to get into medical school. #college #medicine #pre-med...


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Alberto F. Feb 27, 2015 590 views

In what ways can I begin to prepare to join a pre-med program in college?

I'm an 11th grader who wants to know different programs or classes I should be taking to be better prepared for the process of eventually going to med-school? #college #pre-med...


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Yaminah C. Feb 26, 2015 708 views

When pursing a more demanding college major, is it best to remain close to home?

I'm a junior in high school looking at out-of-state colleges. I want to go to a 4-year college for pre-medicine/medicine, which is a demanding major. I should just remain close to home so i have a strong support system? #college #pre-med #major...


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Blaine W. Feb 10, 2015 946 views

I am interested in become either a neurosurgeon or anesthesiologist.

I am a high school senior, and am planning on being a nursing major with a focus in pre-med. Am I on a good path as of now? If so, what else can I do? Note: I am also planning on becoming an EMT, and working as one while I go to college. #college #nursing #medicine #pre-med #medicine-school...


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Jarrin J. Dec 09, 2014 814 views

How can I prepare for a career in dentistry/dental school?

I am a college sophomore and one of my main goals to accomplish is becoming a dentist. I have had this dream since freshmen year of high school and even then i still didn't know how to get started. Now I'm feeling more loss than before and have no idea where to begin. please help with a word of...

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Sofie C. Sep 09, 2014 11812 views

What should I major in if I want to become a Pediatrician?

I am a senior in high school who is super excited about working with kids in the future and making sure they are always healthy. However, I am having trouble figuring out what I need to major in to be able to become one in the future. Many people tell me that I will get the Pre-Med classes to...

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Briana C. Apr 09, 2014 757 views

What classes should I take in high school if I want to major in Pre-Med?

I'm a junior in high school and I want to make sure I take the rich classes senior year. #biology #pre-med #high-school...


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Briana C. Apr 09, 2014 614 views

What is the major difference for someone who majors in biology instead of Pre-Med?

I am a high school junior and I am trying to decide which major/school would be better for me. #college #biology #pre-med...


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Kyrasia P. Mar 29, 2014 2330 views

Nursing Track Vs. Pre-med and physician assistant ? What's the different role?

Hi, I am a senior in high school. I am interested in being a doctor particularly a family doctor because I want to work with all ages and both sexes. I was taking family medicine or emergency medicine. However, I always thought of doctors don't have direct- contact with patients like a nurse...

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RS P. Mar 12, 2014 734 views

What's the Company Culture Like?

My objective is to pursue a career in the medical field and I want to know what a medical company's culture is like. #doctor #medicine #pre-med #physician #pathologist...


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Angela S. Feb 22, 2014 860 views

Would someone attend pre med instead of attending a normal four year college before med school?

I am a highschool student very interested in medicine. I have been looking into the careers of radiologists, sports medicine, and physical and rehabilitation physicians. Is premed something someone typically enters right our of highschool? #college #medicine...