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How rigorous is the CNM medical program at Baylor?

I am going to become a CNM and would like to know the difficulty of the program at Baylors school of medicine? #registered-nurses #nurse-midwife #nurse #nursing #medicine #healthcare #college-bound...



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Posted by Hannah G.’s Avatar Hannah G.

What steps should I be taking throughout my undergraduate education to best prepare for medical school?

As a senior in high school whose dream job is to be a neurologist, the steps in between where I am now and where I want to go seem a little daunting. It would be great to have a bit of insight about what goals I should be working towards over the next few years! #premed #medicine #healthcare...

#medical-school #hospital-and-health-care


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Posted by Megan R.’s Avatar Megan R.

What is the best way to study for the MCAT?


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Posted by Rachel E.’s Avatar Rachel E.

Is the rigor of a student’s undergraduate university considered when applying to medical school?

For instance, if a student graduated from an Ivy League with a lower GPA than a student from a significantly easier state school, would the name of the school be factored in? Thanks! #premed #medicine...



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Posted by Anabel L.’s Avatar Anabel L.

What is it like to be a psychologist for a day?


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Posted by Sahana H.’s Avatar Sahana H.

Are there any risks to taking courses on a pass/fail basis?

If I'm applying to medical school, would it look bad on an application if I took a few core classes, like history, on a pass/fail basis? #premed...



Active Aug 18 at 10:41 PM

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Posted by Nisha S.’s Avatar Nisha S.

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