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Career Questions tagged Prepare

Dejah’s Avatar
Dejah Sep 17, 2021 355 views

If you could time travel and speak to yourself , what would you tell your former self before reaching this point in your career to ensure your experience was easier or more accurate?

#advice #prepare #fashiondesigner # management #businesswoman #college #career

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Oct 17, 2018 689 views

What is the best way to prepare for studying abroad in Spain for a full semester?

My desire to study abroad stems from wanting to learn the language of Spanish, to travel and see the sights, to re-model myself to see new approaches of lifestyles and to develop and make personal growth with lifetime memories. I might be intimidated to let go of my normal day to day routine as...

David’s Avatar
David Aug 14, 2018 375 views

How do you get into medical school?

What steps should I take as an undergrad to prepare myself for med school? #medical-school #prepare