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A professional is on top of her or his game. They often display positive qualities such as being disciplined, punctual, and having the drive to succeed. For more information, please...

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Elliston W. Mar 17, 2015 928 views

What are the general materials needed to be an anime artist?

I have some different types of pencils and one type of inking pen. But I want to know what I need in order to make a manga or a professional art piece. #professional #art-college...


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Jazib C. Jan 19, 2015 663 views

plz guide me my proffesional field .net software development or networking

im a student of pakistan govt clg where i hv passed 4 years of my IT but lacking of teachers we didnt learn any programming language now im studnt of final semester plz tel me which field will be more preferable for me frm i mentioned earlier im only son of my parents and i want to do something...

#it #professional #experienced

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Adelle A. Jan 04, 2015 620 views

what colleges are good for people who want to be pediatricians

I wanna be a pediatrician when i graduate highschool...


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Sumaiya B. Dec 09, 2014 549 views

do you need to go to college in order to become a pediatrician

so I can now more about this career...


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Gershawna C. Dec 08, 2014 1921 views

How many hours daily and weekly do Ob-gyn work?

I am a sophomore at Cristo Rey and is try to choose my career path. I have been thinking about being an obstetriant since sixth grade. #doctor #college-major...


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Cynthia L. Nov 19, 2014 848 views

What do you need to do to become an animator?

I really want to know so I could do this in the future. #professional #3d-animation...


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Ezra O. Jun 19, 2014 612 views

Hi, How attainable is a good career in Information Technology?

I just finished my first degree in computer engineering, with a 2:2. and recently gained admission to study Information technology at MSc level. I however have completed my CCNP cisco examinations and confused on career paths to take as I'm also interested in information/ cyber security...


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Maeve K. May 01, 2014 797 views

What is it like to be in a professional sorority?

I am thinking about joining the professional business sorority at my college next year. I don't really know much about it. Has any one had experience with professional sororities. I have heard a lot about social sororities. What is the difference between these two? #college #professional...