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Career Questions tagged Programming Language

beast’s Avatar
beast Feb 28, 2022 385 views

how should i get into coding? what is the best coding language for jobs?

Hello, I am in University and I am interested in pursuing an occupation involving coding. I am not sure where to begin my journey and how/when to apply for jobs. I am unsure which is the best coding language to learn for successful jobs with a stable income. #coding #technology #computer-science

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Feb 07, 2022 448 views

What is the easiest order for learning coding languages, and what websites are best for learning them?

I am interested in code and was wondering if someone who was experienced in using online websites to learn code could tell me which websites work best. I have also heard from a few people that certain coding languages are better to learn first than others. Thank you for your time....

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Nov 09, 2021 490 views

Is there a "main" coding language that most programmers use?

As stated in my career goals, I would love to delve into the Computer Science field for my career and or future.

somkid’s Avatar
somkid Sep 25, 2017 907 views

How many programming Languages should I learn?