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Sarah H. Nov 28, 2018

I'm feeling lost in my Public Relations studies, considering applying for an "executive assistant" position.

I have an internship at a student-run agency at my university but I feel like I'm still not getting "real world" experience. Two of my foundational classes for my major were with terrible professors that no longer work for the department and I don't want to prolong my graduation any longer/pay...

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Emily V. May 11, 2018

How do you make your resume more enticing if you don''t have a lot of experience in the field?

I'm a public relations student and I have no experience in the field of PR. How can I make my resume more attractive to hiring managers without the experience? #publicrelations #resume...


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Emily V. Apr 21, 2018

Is it necessary to get a masters degree to be a public relations professional?

I'd like to get into the field right after finishing my undergraduate but I know a masters would give me an edge. Is it advised to get a masters and then go into the field, get one later, or not get one at all? #publicrelations #masters...


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Emily V. Apr 20, 2018

What is the most valuable skill PR firms look for in an intern?

I'm looking for internships right now, in your experience what is the most valuable skill an intern should have at your public relations firm? #pr #publicrelations...


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Kathryn T. Mar 19, 2018

What are some tips for a Public Relations major looking to work with social media?

I'm a Public Relations major with a minor in Sociology. It's almost time to graduate and look for a job. I'm passionate about social media and content creation, so I'd really like to look for something that offers those. Any suggestions/recommendations/tips for what I should take a look at?...

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Kathryn T. Mar 19, 2018

Is graduate school a necessity now?

I'm finishing up my third year of college, and I'm planning on graduating next year. I'm majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Sociology. I don't know if I should go to graduate school or not? Is it better to have that extra edge when employers are looking at candidates? #publicrelations...

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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018

Do big name employers mind if your previous internships were not at big name companies?

I was wondering how HR takes into consideration the locations of where their applicants worked at, and whether working at a small company would matter? (eg. a Marketing Intern for Small Company vs. General Intern for Big Company with some transferrable skills and/or Marketing Intern position...

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Jordan S. Jan 24, 2018

How are you able to balance your point of view with your clients?

I would like to know how PR agents and managers are able to create a strategy that is true to them and to their client. #publicrelations...


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Lauren K. Jan 24, 2018

Agency or Industry? The ultimate PR question!

I am graduating in May of this year and there is a lot of talk about going into an agency profession or starting out in industry. I know I want to do social media management, but I don't know if I should start out in agency or industry. Is agency as scary and difficult as people say it is?...

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