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yael R. May 04, 2016 580 views
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Bailey G. Apr 03, 2016 1437 views

What technical skills and personality traits are best for Hospitality and Management?

Hi, I'm Bailey, from Ottawa, Canada, I'm in 12th grade. I have an assignment for my coop class asking what are a few technical skills and personality traits you should have for your preferred career, which for me is Hospitality and Management- Hotel and Restaurant to be specific. I can think of...

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Karlee K. Mar 25 141 views

What are the best and worst risks of owning a food truck?

I'm a sophomore who has the dream of opening a business in the culinary but I want to know how much work and sacrifice will go into such a thing. I have the skills in cooking, marketing, and money management so what else will help me prepare for such a large scale passion project?...

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Kareem I. May 24, 2016 633 views

What are the pros and cons of the restaurant business?

Want to know from those deeply involved in the business. #chef #restaurants #restaurant...


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kenia S. Mar 08, 2017 400 views
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Ruth B. May 15, 2017 416 views

Creating A cafe

So I want to set up and have a running cafe when I get older. I'm in 10th grade now. Would it be best to start saving up money and plan how I want my cafe now? Or should I wait? #career #finance #career-counseling #career-path #restaurants #project-planning...


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Kalvin P. Mar 20, 2018 205 views

How to get in a cooking business?

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Sean P. Jan 16, 2018 259 views

Can someone explain how much each person in a business earns?

I'm a new college student and unfamiliar with the business world. I'm curious about how much money a business would need to generate in order to have x amount of employees. I'm also wondering about what percentage each person of the hierarchy would earn. For businesses such as restaurants, I...

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Micah S. May 19, 2016 506 views

What are some of the major problems that most people don't think of when opening a Bar and Grill? What gets overlooked when planning and building a Bar and Grill?

I have always wanted to own and operate my own bar and grill. I have been working in the food service industry since high school, and am now getting the business background I want to help insure I understand the ins and out of the business world. I have asked a few local successful Bar owners...

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Dayiana Z. May 20, 2016 523 views

I want to open my own bakery. Does it cost a lot of money to buy one?

I love baking so much and want to one day open my own shop. Do you need all the money to buy a place or build one? How does that work? #business #cooking-and-baking...


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Rebekah H. May 19, 2016 513 views

Slower-paced cooking?

I love to cook, and would love to be able to do it for other people. However, I don't like the speed involved in being a chef for a typical restaurant (to get the food to the table of the customer). Is there an alternate career that might fit me better? Maybe a smaller cafe-style restaurant?...

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Melody U. Mar 20, 2017 628 views

Good weekend-only jobs?

Hi. I'm just wondering if anybody knows of some good jobs that can hire people only for the weekends. I'm a college student who already works 20 hours a week at the library so the weekend is all that I can manage. I've been considering applying to restaurants and the like because it seems like...

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Matthew W. Jul 17, 2016 707 views

New business idea in restaurant industry. What are my next steps?

I'm 19 years old. I have no experience in the restaurant industry. Yet I have an idea. I'm going to spare many details so I'm going to get to the questions: Who should I start talking to? When should I start raising capital? Finding investors? General next/ necessary steps? Any input is...

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Micah S. May 19, 2016 406 views

What is the most important thing to look for when looking for a location for a Bar and Grill? How did you keep your costumers coming back?

I have seen very successful Bar and Grills in slow and very busy locations. How do you, or how did you decide on where to build your Bar? What do you look for in a customer base and how did you get them coming back? #business #real-estate...


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Jamian V. May 01, 2015 740 views

Where to start?

I plan on going to culinary school after high school. I plan on starting my own restaurant. Should I start my business after I get out of culinary school or should I gain some experience in an actual restaurant first? I already have a business plan, target market, demographics and all of the...

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Payton . Apr 14, 2015 870 views

where should I start to become a chef?

i'm Payton and i'm in sixth grade i really love cooking i watch the food network channel and i also love to cook as well but i really want to get in the culinary arts. #classes #cooking #culinary-arts #restaurants #culinary-skills...


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Payton . Apr 08, 2015 829 views

What restaurant should I go to to become a chef?

I'm a sixth grade student and my name is payton i love cooking and culinary arts i love to watch chef's to cook all different kinds of food #cooking #culinary-arts #restaurants #chefs...