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Career Questions tagged Roblox

Aren’s Avatar
Aren Sep 07, 2021 292 views

what does it take to work as a 3d modeler for roblox

My name is Aren and ive been modeling and designing since 2018-2019 and Ive been playing roblox since 2012, I would like to try to get a job at roblox as a 3d modeler and 3d designer someday

#roblox #3dmodeler #designer #technology

Elise’s Avatar
Elise Feb 25, 2021 305 views

So if I wanted to have a gaming youtube channel would Roblox be a good game to video?

I love Roblox and I love youtube. I was wondering if Roblox would be content people would like? Do yall think so? Please help me.
#games #roblox #youtube

Keon’s Avatar
Keon Sep 22, 2020 670 views

How many houses do you sell a month?

I would like to be a realtor. I love houses! I play this game called "Bloxburg" I design and build houses. I would love to become a realtor one day. #realtor #Roblox #Bloxburg #HouseDesigner #real-estate