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Rahiem J. Apr 19, 2018 320 views

what degree do i need to obtain to become a robotics engineer?

I took a robotics class in elementary class and built a robot and enjoyed the experience #technology...


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Gloria S. Sep 08, 2016 665 views

How many people do you need on a team to construct and program a robot drone?

I am asking this question because one of my career interests is in Robotics and I want to get an idea of how many people I would be working with to construct a functioning robot drone. I have always wanted to construct one and I just want to see how many people would be with me to make it a...

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Danish F. Oct 27, 2016 1401 views

How much Math does really play into being a robotics engineer?

I love the engineering field, but I am not good at any of the math part that comes into play. I know that I am only in Highschool, and the fact being that my mindset of math is just to plug and play formulas. I don't want to think about it, just get it done. If I was to become a robotics...

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Dylan B. Sep 27, 2017 486 views

What kind of jobs go with Robotics?

I'm in my sophomore year of high school, and I want to major in Robotics. I have a college I want to go to, George Tech. I'm wondering what does a M.D. in Robotics do in life, and what jobs can I get with a M.D. in Robotics. I have 2 years to plan, so if Robotics doesn't work out for me I have...

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Daniel F. Aug 14, 2018 357 views

Mechanical Engineering and Robotics

I'm interested in robotics and currently studying mechanical engineering. From what I see, the new developments in robotics seem to be mainly in control. Electrical and computer science engineers seem to be using AI and improved sensors to make robot movement more precise and intelligent....

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Gloria S. Sep 14, 2016 691 views

What is it like to be on a robotics team?

At this moment I am interested in robotics, so I was just wondering what is going to happen as someone joins a robotics team at their high school or college. In my high school, we do not have a robotics team, but we do have the technology student association. I wanted to know what there is to...

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Ravi Kiran K. Dec 01, 2020 98 views
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Priya T. Oct 01, 2020 1298 views

After 10th which course have value and jobs

After completing 10th I would like to have diploma course i want to know which course has more scope #air-force #robotics...


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A R. Jul 19, 2020 244 views
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Tomi A. Aug 03, 2020 307 views

How do I continue my career path?

I'm wondering on how to continue my career path because I've already started planning out what I wanted to do when I got older. I already know what major I want to study (Computer Engineering) and what interests me such as robotics, coding, and apps. But what I don't know is where that will...

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Samyukta S. Sep 01, 2020 162 views

Do surgeons of the future have much scope?

Does surgery (by people) have much scope? Won't it most likely be replaced by automated machines which can do a much more accurate work? #surgery #robotics #career...


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Jose H. Oct 30, 2016 530 views

What college courses should someone wanting to pursue robotics engineering take so that they are well prepared for the future

I will be beginning college in a few months giving the fact that I am completing my last year of high school and I would like to pursue a job in the robotics engineering line of work and I was wondering what classes I should take so that I will be best prepared for my future to come. #robotics...


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Anja S. Jun 10, 2016 760 views

What programming languages are useful for robotics?

Hi! I'm currently interested in pursuing computer science, especially for the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. What are the most valued and useful programming languages to know? #programming #robotics...


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Kristina M. Oct 02, 2014 1802 views

How is a career in Robotics? Is it painstaking? And is it a career worth pursuing?

I am currently taking IT courses, I was looking into careers which I would be interested in, such as Robotics when I researched the type of work. I just wanted a job which was extremely interesting to me as well as used skills in IT which I could incorporate. I'm a problem-solving lover who...

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Jarod J. Mar 13, 2018 330 views

I am currently a college freshman interested in robotics and also interested in ocean exploration . How can I combine these interests for a career?

I have been interested in engineering especially robotics. I also have been interested in ocean exploration. I would like to find a way to combine these interests into a career. Currently my major is general engineering, I would like to know what my major should be to pursue this career....

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Monica H. Jan 16, 2018 269 views
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Melvin S. Aug 18, 2018 525 views

New Methods and innovation in Manufacturing?

Hey guys, As a mechanical engineering student, I'm interested in the manufacturing industry and want to know about any new innovations or methods in manufacturing? I know 3D printing is on the rise but I'm not sure of what other things to look out for. Thanks! #manufacturing...

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Pia A. Oct 24, 2016 580 views

What branch of mechanical engineering focuses more on robots and/or technology?

I want to major in mechanical engineering because I am very interested in robotics and technology but I don't know what branch I should focus on. #technology #mechanical-engineering #engineering...


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Aun M. Feb 23, 2020 234 views

Career pathways for Mechatronics?

I've researched a little on the topic, but have only found videos about robotics engineers. Is this the only pathway specialized for an individual with a mechatronics degree? Or is it broader than that? As a tenth grader, I want to be fully informed of every opportunity I have in engineering...

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Keira A. Apr 13, 2016 1124 views

Is it a good idea to major in engineering and get a minor in business?

I am a female sophomore at Boston Collegiate Charter School. I am the head of my school's robotics team and I run the social media and the budget for the team. From this experience I have thought about pursuing a major in engineering with a minor in business. I do not know what I could do with...

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Diana M. Jul 21, 2016 2500 views

What companies similar to Boeing offer High School Student Internships?

I plan to persue a career in Robotics Engineering and I want to apply for an Internship at some places like Google, JPL, or any company that deals with machine learning or robotics. The only problem I face is that I am a high school student and all I find are opportunities for university...

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Christopher N. Jan 15, 2018 375 views

How will robots impact our future generation job opportunity?

I am very curious if robots will take over much of our work industries. They are making robots more and more complex every day .... what will our future come down to? The kids or the robots? #robotics #robotics-engineer...


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Kavitha B. Jun 28, 2016 1200 views

What is robotic science?

i like to do robots to military purpose #doctor #teaching...